Volume 21, Number 10 | THE NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | July 18 - 24, 2008

Under Cover

Political Trust
Julie Nadel stepped down as treasurer of Downtown Independent Democrats last week after she got a letter from the Hudson River Park Trust informing her that under state law, she was not allowed to be a member of the Trust’s board and also be an officer of a political club. (We hear the Trust learned of Nadel’s new treasury post from reading UnderCover.)

Trust president Connie Fishman also sent a similar letter to board member Henry Stern, chairperson of New York’s Liberal Party, but the Trust did not respond to questions about whether it had any concerns about Georgette Mosbacher — who according to the Trust’s own Web site is a Republican National Committeewoman.

(Political junkies might remember Mosbacher’s name from the 1992 “War Room” documentary scene when James Carville rallies Bill Clinton troops reeling over the Gennifer Flowers disclosure by saying if Clinton goes down, it’ll mean that big power Republicans like Mosbacher will never be stopped.)

Theodore Roosevelt IV, another Trust member, appears safe since there are no laws barring the great grandsons of former U.S. presidents.

Nadel’s foes in the increasingly divided D.I.D. tipped off UnderCover although they got part of the story wrong. According to the inaccurate spin, Nadel had resigned from a club post a few years ago for the same reason, and knew she would not be able to keep the not so coveted treasury position when she was elected.

Actually, Nadel resigned from a publicly elected position — a seat on the Democratic County Committee — after she listed the county seat on her State Ethics Commission report. She said she did not know the rule also applied to political clubs as well.

Regal relief
It took a month, but Anne Compoccia, former chairperson of Community Board 1, got some relief and assurance from the Regal Battery Park cinema.

Compoccia was shocked last month that smoke in the building did not set the fire alarm off, and that it took the theater staff about 12 minutes to begin evacuating the multiplex after the problem was discovered. Compoccia, who used to work in the World Trade Center across the street, did not wait for the official word and began descending to the exit with her 5-year-old niece after she overheard staff talking about the smoke. She wrote the Battery Park City theater as well as Regal Entertainment Group’s corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn. a month ago and did not hear anything until last week.

Raymond L. Smith, Jr., the corporation’s counsel no less as well as its chief administrative officer, wrote Compoccia to apologize and acknowledge that Regal did not follow its safety plan. The cause was a smoke bomb and employees quickly realized there was no danger, Smith said, but they nevertheless should have evacuated the building immediately because of the smoke. He has directed the local management to review the emergency procedures and evaluate the fire alarm.

He offered Compoccia four free passes.

Nadler challenge
Actor Adam Sullivan’s bid to challenge U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler in a September Democratic primary because Nadler refuses to support the impeachment of President Bush, may be going up in flames.

It turns out Sullivan registered as a Democrat too late and is unlikely to be able to get on the ballot.

Sometimes we wonder if Nadler -- who opposed the Iraq war and the Patriot Act and has accused the Bush administration of condoning the “poisoning” of Downtowners after 9/11 -- ever jokes in Washington that he could get a primary challenge for not being tough enough on Bush.

Papal appeal
Gloria Gilbert, a Village resident opposed to St. Vincent’s hospital expansion plans in the Greenwich Village Historic District, wrote Robert Tierney, the city’s Landmarks commissioner, asking him to look closely at the Vatican resources available to help the hospital before he votes for a hardship exception to build the current proposal.

“Pope Benedict XVI …would not want our community to be without a good Catholic hospital,” she wrote. Just in case Tierney didn’t believe her, Gilbert also gave him the pope’s email address so he could check it out himself.




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