Volume 20 Issue 6 | June 22 - 28, 2007

Team 1, Field Operations:
Dubbed “Mollusk,” the Field Operations design envisions Governors Island as a wild place, set apart from the city. While keeping the island’s historic district more manicured and commercial, Field Operations would resculpt the island’s southern half, allowing a tidal environment to reclaim it. The design would include oyster beds, a weather institute and wind turbines. Unique details: A “fog forest” and thermal swimming pools that would be open in the winter.

Team 2, Hargreaves Associates:
The Hargreaves design focuses heavily on the island’s view corridors, with rounded buildings and a curving promenade with several overlooks. A second promenade along the island’s edge would help to give pedestrians, cyclists and joggers ample space. The design also focuses on active recreation, with two playgrounds, a pool, a set of multi-purpose sports fields and a recreation center with day lockers.
Unique details: Solar canopied walkways and a set of mock itineraries describing a “day on the island” for various types of New York City residents.
5 more ideas floated for Governors Island parks

The Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation has unveiled five new designs for the parkland on the former military base. The designs, submitted by five different teams of architects and landscapers, are a part of GIPEC’s design contest to choose a park development team.

The winning team will work with GIPEC and the community to develop a final design for the island’s open spaces. In addition to lawns, plazas, beaches, gardens and walkways, each of the five designs contains some form of an amphitheater, an educational institution and food service. Each design has an ecological component, either through sustainable design, wildlife habitats, or both.

Most of the designs also plan for future commercial development on the island, such as hotels and shopping. Only two of the designs include playing fields — a high priority to the field-starved Downtown sports leagues.

The details of the designs vary wildly and each has unique attributes that are likely to turn heads. The public can view and comment on the designs until Aug. 25 at the Center for Architecture at 536 Laguardia Pl. and until Sept. 2 on Governors Island. The island is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Community Board 1 will discuss the designs with GIPEC at Monday night’s Waterfront Committee meeting.

The designs can also be viewed online at In the smattering of online comments posted so far, the Hargreaves design has received the most positive feedback.

— Skye H. McFarlane

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