Volume 19 Issue 54 | May 25 -31, 2007


Downtown Express photos by Elisabeth Robert

Dodger Luke Dilworth slides in safely at home as Cardinals catcher Jack Steinberg reaches for the ball in a Downtown Little League game Saturday. Below, Milo Schreier fires it in for the Cards.


Astros vs. Tigers
The Tigers jumped out to an early 2-run lead when leadoff hitterJack Finio singled and scored followed by Jack Hatton who reached after being hit by a pitch.  Tiger Jack Hatton and Astro Jake Badersettled down into a great pitching duel for the next two innings.

The Tigers were able to add another 2 when Jack Hatton, who singled, and Gray, who was hit by a pitch, were driven in when Isaac Simons ripped a 2-R.B.I. double.  The Astros came back with 2 in the bottom ofthe inning when Leighton Brillo Sonnino got a two-out single of Tiger reliever Sean McGowan and Harris Uslander jacked a two-run shot toleft to get the Astros on the board.

The Tigers were able to add one more insurance run in the 5th with back to back double from Xavier Russo and Jack Finio.  The Astros were hoping for another 2-out rally when Uslander singled again,going 3 for 3 on the day.  But Tiger closer Holcomb pitched a beautiful 6th fanning 3 and giving up only one hit.

Junior Minors (Upper)

Cubs vs. Yankees
Meeting for the second time this season, the Cubs and Yankees played a high-scoring game May 15, with the Yankees drawing first blood with bottom-of-the-first singles from Ted Eustace, Ethan Wallis, Michael Bogdanos, Tyler Rohan, Marcus Chan and Luke Marable, closing the 6-run burst with David Wong’s three-R.B.I. double.  The Cubs closed the gap in the second with singles by Mairead Farrell, Luca Romeo, Zach Pine, and Niko Weinstein. Liam Clayton’s single drove in Romeo for the third run despite a long throw from the Yankees’ David Lampietti to David Wong at catcher.  But the Yankees bounced back in their half of the second with singles by Advay Sriram, Alexander Monticciolo, Eustace, Wallis, and Chan.  Bogdanos and Rohan each followed with doubles, bringing the score to 10-3.

In the third, Max Dell-Thibodeau started the Cubs’ rally with a single, followed by Luca Romeo’s R.B.I. single and Zach Pine’s home run. The Yankees’ Wong, Sriram, and Eva Vignola each singled in the third — the latter sparkling at second base as well.  The Cubs were held scoreless in the fourth, despite a single by Jonah Weinstein, but the Yankees added another four, with consecutive singles from Eustace, Wallis, Bogdanos, and Rohan.  Chan’s double brought in two, and Ariana Howard brought in a run with a single.  Lampietti reached first as well, but Pine’s unassisted play at third on Sriram’s grounder ended the inning at 15-6.

Farrell led off the fifth with a single, but was forced out at second when Rohan raced to the bag, beating her by just a step.  Romeo singled, and almost was thrown out at first when Wong caught Pine’s fly ball and attempted the double play.  In the bottom of the inning, singles by Vignola, Monticciolo, and Eustace were followed by Wallis’s first grand slam of the season. Bogdanos followed with a double, and was driven in by Rohan’s single, closing out the Yankees’ scoring.  Despite a strong hit by William Smith (gloved cleanly by Wallis), an excellent slide to first by Clayton and a single by Taylor Wilson, the Cubs were scoreless in the top of the sixth.  The final score was 20-6.

Downtown Express photos by Elisabeth Robert
Jake Jiler pitches for the Dodgers.

Yankees vs. Blue Jays
The spectators who braved the 8 a.m. call time on an overcast Saturday morning witnessed one of the rarest feats in baseball — an unassisted triple play — when, in the top of the fifth, the Blue Jays’ Jim Huynh came to the plate with runners on second and third and no outs.  The Yankees’ shortstop, Tyler Rohan, snared the liner, stepped on third base, and then beat the runner back to second for the third out. 

The game itself began with a rousing first inning. Beginning with Ethan Wallis’ double, Michael Bogdanos’ R.B.I. single and Rohan’s R.B.I. double, the Yankees started the scoring.  Louis Dannatt also singled — and was almost nabbed by Milo Bernfield-Millman at second on Ariana Howard’s hit — followed by run-scoring singles by David Lampietti and Alex Monticciolo. But the fireworks weren’t over as the Blue Jays’ Devin Menham hit the first pitch in the bottom of the first for a home run, followed by a rocket stand-up triple by Jackson Vertucci.  But the Yanks managed to hold the hard-hitting Jays to one run, adding another three in the top of the second, with singles from David Wong, Eva Vignola, Eustace, Wallis, and Bogdanos.

The Yankees’ opened the bottom of the second with eye-popping defense: a great throw from Ted Eustace at third to a stretching Bogdanos at first to throw out Will Pangburn.  But singles from Jacob Shwartz, Bernfield-Millman and Miles Donnelly added another run for the Jays.  In the Yankees third, they got consecutive singles from Luke Marable, Howard, Lampietti, Wong, and Advay Sriram.  Eustace then smacked the ball to left field for an R.B.I. double, followed by another double by Wallis.  The Blue Jays Vertucci cranked a triple to right field in the bottom of the inning, followed by singles from Justin Tyler Lee, Pangburn, Shwartz, and Bernfield-Millman.  But Rohan at catcher made the force-out at home, holding the Jays to one run.

Each team scored five in the fourth.  The Yankee opened with one-baggers by Bogdanos, Rohan, Dannatt, Marable, Howard, and Lampietti.  Despite Lev Yaffe’s excellent play at second and Menham’s play at first base, they couldn’t keep the Yanks from scoring.  The Blue Jays reciprocated, batting around in their half of the inning with solid hits by Menham (two in the inning), Yaffe, Jim Huynh, Lee, Pangburn, Shwartz, Bernfield-Millman, Donnelly, and Vertucci—despite sparkling fielding by the Yankees’ Wallis at short, Vignola at second, and Wong at pitcher.  Vignola, Eustace, Wallis, Bogdanos, Rohan and Dannatt singled in the fifth, but excellent defense by the Jays kept the scoring to 2 runs.  Despite the unassisted triple play in the 5th, the Jays did add another run to their score with singles from Yaffee, Vertucci, and Lee.  Neither team scored in the 6th, though the Blue Jays got singles from Matthew Levine and Pangburn.  The final score was Yankees 20, Blue Jays 9.

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