Volume 19 • Issue 9 | July 14- - 20, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Unsuccessful letter

To The Editor:
Re “I led C.B. 1 reform” (Letters, July 7 – 13):

UnderCover was correct in defining Marc Ameruso’s previous Community Board 1 electoral attempts as “unsuccessful” (UnderCover June 16 – 22, “What a race”), despite the subject’s protests to the contrary. This would be a rather minor point, not fit for rebuttal, if Mr. Ameruso’s letter did not proceed to take credit for that to which he is not entitled, and to smear those against whom he is not worthy.

His lack of circumspection notwithstanding, Mr. Ameruso seems chronically unable to comprehend simple, fact-based truth. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Ameruso has never before succeeded in any campaigns he has attempted. On at least one occasion, he dropped out moments before the vote. In the present instance, the position for which he ran — assistant secretary — was the only race requiring a run-off, which Mr. Ameruso won by a single vote. Instead of accepting this with grace and a comprehension of his good fortune, Mr. Ameruso has chosen to mock Downtown Express for honest reporting, and make wild claims about the reform platform of others, which he may or may not have embraced, but neither caused nor promulgated coherently.

As for his characterization of the previous Community Board 1 administration, Mr. Ameruso’s use of phrases like “dictatorial” and “tyranny” in describing a board that valiantly saw this neighborhood through the immediate post-911 era is a disgrace. To borrow his language, um…the last time I checked, that was called demagoguery.

Bruce L. Ehrmann
Community Board 1 member

Health costs

To The Editor:
After a six-month confinement in various hospitals and rehab centers, I did not see any changes in health care for middle income people, albeit a good deal of talk (only talk) about the problems that now beset the health care community.  Health insurance is still costly, yet without insurance you go from bad to worse.  I heard many ideas and plans for those who become indigent. Worry over finances and how to pay for all of this while lying in a hospital bed is not conducive to wellness.

This can happen to any one of us, even to the elected officials, who should be using their positions and act more responsibly.
With all of the choices the president claims to be giving us now, there are still not enough. We need to change the entire direction of health services to people of modest means. It doesn’t take long for our money to run out at these costs. It is still far more costly to put us on Medicaid or welfare or put us away in a nursing home. There should be more thought given to changes that are humane, not to changes that create a windfall for the insurance companies.

Middle income is not poverty but it doesn’t take long for the average person to get into the poorhouse.  We are all in danger.  No one can escape a danger that strikes without warning, like suffering an illness and going broke! Legislation must be enacted to prevent this kind of horror to the middle income people who are the backbone of ou society

Geraldine Lipschutz
Southbridge Towers

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