Volume 19 • Issue 5 | June 16 - 22, 2006

Letters to the editor

Columbine lessons

To The Editor:
Re “Teen shooting acquires new meaning on stage” (arts article by Steven Snyder, June 9 - 15):

Steven Snyder gets it. Our kids went to Columbine. Most people want to forget about Columbine, blaming it on evil. It is easier that way. My husband and I believe that we need to have a deeper understanding of what went terribly wrong with Eric and Dylan. While it is true that bullying or being an outcast is not an excuse for what they did, it is not an excuse for the adults to ignore these very serious issues. It is up to the adults to deal with these issues and work with the schools to make positive changes. When we ignore such issues, we are ignoring the well-being of our children. I am tired of adults saying, “I went through it. They can too.” Bullying should never be acceptable behavior.

Randy and Judy Brown

Still a live story

To The Editor:
Re “Chinatown funeral procession delayed by traffic tickets” (news article, June 2 – 8):

I want to express my thanks again to Downtown Express and to Willa Paskin and associate editor Josh Rogers for making this story public.

We all know that our local precinct is trying very hard to keep things moving in a safe manner, however the funeral car drivers are never far from their vehicles and can indeed move for an emergency and they do not linger for very long while parked.

Thanks to your coverage perhaps the bereaved in Chinatown do not have to suffer the indignity of their hired cars being ticketed.

Despite rigorous efforts by the N.Y.P.D., placard cars still continue to plague tiny Mosco St. and Mulberry St. and unfortunately those placard cars are unattended for many hours at a time causing what amounts to an obstruction in the case of an emergency. At times placard vehicles have even held up funerals because they park illegally in front of a funeral home!

Thank you again for your great work.

Jan Lee


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