Volume 19 • Issue 4 | June 9 - 15, 2006


Downtown Express photos by Elisabeth Robert

The Braves and Reds battled in Downtown Little League action over the weekend.

Downtowners get in some games between the raindrops

Many Downtown Little League games were rained out, but some teams did get to play and there was even some exhibition games on Governors Island

Junior Minors

Mets vs. Giants
On June 6, a partly cloudy Monday afternoon, the Mets hosted the Giants for an exciting game. Mateo Flores, Elias Griffin and Josh Steinberg had singles to kick-off the top of the first, but the Mets defense did not allow any runs. Jack Steinberg and Lily Seibert each snagged singles for the Mets, but also were left stranded on the bases. Tyler Rohan blasted a double to centerfield for the Giants in the second inning and was brought home by Jacob Roter’s single. Clyde Huibregtse’s single was followed by an R.B.I. stand-up double by Dario Flores.

Oliver Mettle, William Smith, Liam Barwick and Nicole Teck each had a single for the Mets in the second inning, with Nicole’s grounder bringing Oliver home.

The Giants started the third inning at the top of the order, with Mateo Flores, Elias Griffin, Brandon Mirabella singling. Tyler Rohan hit almost an identical smack to centerfield for another double, this time with an R.B.I. to his credit. Sam Liberman hit a little blooper, but Brandon (who has been working on his speed with his mom) tore home right past the ball. Jacob Roter and Clyde Huibregtse each followed with R.B.I. singles, reaching the max of five runs for that inning.

The Mets answered in the third with a single by Isaac Illyashov. Dario Flores, Giants catcher, charged the ball and threw nicely to first, but Isaac outran him. Matt Wilson followed with a hard hit to left center. Lily Seibert, to rousing cheers from the dugout, followed with a single as well (despite Dario’s best efforts to catch her fly tip with a dive to the backstop). William Steere followed with an R.B.I. single, but a fine play from Mateo (as pitcher) to Dario at home prevented more than one run from scoring for the Mets.

Fresh off his defensive skills as catcher, Dario Flores punched the ball to left field, and turned a double into a triple with aggressive base-running. Luke Dilworth followed with an R.B.I. single. Mateo Flores, Elias Griffin, Josh Steinberg and Brandon Mirabella continued the streak with singles (R.B.I. for Josh and Brandon). Luke Marable hit a single towards second base, and it was a close call at second as Lily Seibert came from centerfield to cover the base. The Mets also lost the race to home plate for another fine defensive attempt to rein the Giants in. Dante Stoeri D’Arrigo added to the excitement by ending the inning with an R.B.I. single, bringing the score 12-2.

Sam Liberman showed great composure in the fourth, fielding three consecutive hits by the Mets’ Ben Steinberg, William Smith and Liam Barwick and tossing them out to first baseman Dario Flores, who excelled in both offense and defense for the Giants.

The Giants continued the beating in the fifth, with consecutive singles by Tyler Rohan, Sam Liberman and Jacob Roter. The Mets almost caught Sam’s fly to centerfield, and at that point even the Giants’ parents groaned. Clyde Huibregtse followed with a 2-R.B.I. double. Three consecutive R.B.I. singles by Dario Flores, Luke Dilworth and Matthew Levine (fresh off the DL) added another five runs for the Giants.

Nicole Teck started off the fifth for the Mets, cracking the ball to the Giants shortstop. Her teammates and fans cheered as the ball was over-thrown to first, bringing her to second base. But the Mets were unable to connect. The ball machine proved to be no match for Joey Buckler or Peter Carzis.

A double in the sixth by Mateo Flores, followed by singles by Elias Griffin, Brandon Mirabella (R.B.I), Dante Stoeri D’Arrigo, Luke Marable (R.B.I.), Tyler Rohan (R.B.I.), Sam Liberman (R.B.I.) and Jacob Roter (R.B.I.) ended the offensive attack for the Giants.

The Mets answered with a double by Jack Steinberg, an R.B.I. double by Lily Seibert and an R.B.I. double by William Steere. Gabe Cavanaugh hit the ball solidly to Dario Flores, who threw to Sam Liberman just in time for the out. Oliver Mettle hit an R.B.I. single, and everyone cheered the Mets rally. Ben Steinberg was unable to meet the ball, however, ending the game in a strikeout.

Orioles vs. Giants

It was a case of butterflies in the stomach for the undefeated Giants, Sunday. For weeks they had been dreading the match between the also undefeated Orioles, and June 4 was the showdown.

Luke Dilworth of the Giants led off with a single, but was stranded on base for the first scoreless start for the Giants since the season began.

Michael Banks and Noah Kahan started a rally for the Orioles with singles, and Noah Sutter’s double scored the first run for the Orioles. Taro Nakagawa also followed with a double, driving in another run. The Giants felt the pressure, and made the first of several defensive errors to bring Theo Klein to first. Zack Tranctenberg smacked an R.B.I. double, calling on the mercy rule to end the inning 5-0.

The Giants smelled defeat, and when Mateo Flores led off with a strikeout, shoulders slumped further. Clyde Huibregtse rose to the challenge, with a single to the infield, which resulted in a rare defensive error by the Orioles. Their over-throw brought him to second. Brandon Mirabella hit the ball right to the Orioles first baseman, sacrificing himself but advancing Clyde to third. Tyler Rohan tattooed the ball way over the left-fielder’s head, scoring a run with a stand-up double.

In the second inning for the Orioles, Jack Freedman, Jake Jiler and Kojin Glick each hit singles (R.B.I. for Glick). But just as the Giants were despairing, with the top of the order at bat and men in scoring position, Jacob Roter snagged Mathieu Bialosky’s fly ball with his glove behind his back to end the inning.

The third inning also proved to be scoreless for the Giants, though the fans and players made a lot of noise to cheer Dante Stoeri-d’arrigo’s fifth hit of the season. Michael Banks, who played well defensively as the Orioles’ pitcher and first baseman, started the inning with an error by the Giants’ pitcher. Noah Kahan’s single moved him to second, and Theo Klein’s single moved him to third. He scored on Walter Bernath’s single, but the Giants were able to hold the Orioles to one run with an inning-ended strikeout.

The Giants came alive in the fourth. Luke Dilworth got a nice single, followed by an impressive double by Dario Flores. Sam Liberman scored both teammates with an infield hit that resulted in an error against the Orioles. Jacob Roter and Mateo Flores followed with singles, but were unable to score.

When the Orioles came to bat at the bottom of the fourth, the score was 7-4, bringing hope to the Giants and their fans. However, the maturity of the Orioles team was no match for the Giants’ defense. Henry Lilien, Jack Freedman, Jake Jiler, Kojin Glick, Louis Dannat, Matheiu Bialosky, Michael Banes and Noah Kahan were all able to get to first base due to a combination of batting skill and defensive errors, and five runs scored.

Tyler Rohan hit an infield single to start off the fifth inning for the Giants. Josh Steinberg singled as well, and Luke Marable sacrificed himself to score Rohan. Elias Griffin hit an R.B.I. single, and Simon Curtis-Ginsberg also hit a single, but the rally ended soon after.

Taro Nakagawa rocketed the ball to left field for a stand-up triple to start the bottom of the fifth. Walter Bernath drove him home, bringing the Orioles to 13. The Giants knew they could score as many runs as possible in the top of the sixth, so they cheered their teammates on from the bench. Dario Flores responded to the positive vibe, with a blast to left field and skillful base-running for a stand-up triple. Sam Liberman brought him home with a single, and the Giants were energized. Jacob Roter and Clyde Huibregtse hit singles, and Brandon Mirabella’s hit drove in a second run, but the fat lady had sung. The final score was a respectable 13-8, Orioles.

Yankees vs. Marlins

The Yankees and the Marlins weathered the mud for a hard-fought, but well-played game.  The Marlins had their best hitting performance to date, with multiple hits by William Sisson, Tyler Kraehling, Luca Romeo, Blas Lee and William Watt; great fielding by Luca Romeo, Thomas Burns and Tyler Kraehling.  Although the Marlins proved victorious, the Yankees staged a late-inning rally.  Hitting stars for the Yankees were Cole Hawthorne, who hit a shot to right field, Delia Costello, who slapped hers up the middle, and Sophia Agnifilo, who scorched a single to score Catherine Kemer.  Slick-fielding Iliana Memo continued to shine, while Alexandra Agnifilo, Rick Mortenson, and Delia Costello made sparkling unassisted put-outs in the field.  

Cubs vs. Nationals

The bats were sizzling last Sunday, as the Cubs whacked their way to victory over the Nationals. For the Cubs, Graham Nelson, Alexander Komanoff, Dante Secada-oz, Samuel Marciano, Grace Bristol, Will Pangburn, Mikael Halpern, Margaret Matthews, Isabella Smith, Koko Drabla, Lily Meier and Sylvia Krauss-Grimm all got on base at least once. Many of them, however, nailed base hits every time they were up to bat, scoring a total of 20 runs.

For the Nationals, seven of ten players had two or more hits, led by Alex Gottlieb, William Goldstein and Sal Derogatis, who each racked up three slams. Joseph Dudley, Trevor Goldstein, Jo-Jo Aboaf and Sammy Wolfe each got two hits.

In the field, the Cub’s Komanoff, Nelson and Pangburn made several impressive catches and other defensive efforts. Secada-oz, Marciano and Matthews also executed several good plays.

The Nationals’ Alex Gottlieb helped get seven outs in the first three innings, while brothers Trevor and William Goldstein combined for five assists.

Devil Rays vs. Dodgers

The Devil Rays and the Dodgers played a hard fought game of baseball on June 4, with each team exhibiting excellent offensive and defensive moves.

After a sluggish start, the Devil Rays’ bats came alive during the top of the third inning and runs were scored by Jim Huynh, Aden Haddad-Salah, Taylor White, Ian Malcolm, and Jack McGreevy. Fielding highlights were displayed by Aden Haddad-Salah in the first inning who tagged a Dodgers’ player out at first base; Lukas Burger and Jack McGreevy in the second inning who tagged out Dodgers’ players at first and second base; and in the fourth inning, a good play from Jack McGreevy to Moses Rubin. The Devil Rays’ efforts were further enhanced by teammates Randolph Henry Higgins, Austin Chin, Ben Karam, and Noah Berry.

The Dodgers played well and had a total of six runs scored in the first and fourth innings. The Dodgers’ fielding was consistently focused and coordinated and good plays were exhibited by many of the Dodgers’ players.

Pirates vs. White Sox

The Pirates and the White Sox had an exciting scrimmage Sunday, ending in a 9 to 9 tie.  The White Sox were lead by fine hitting from Karyna Lambert, Yani Porter, Kelly DeKlerk, and Cameron Lamser. The White Sox 3rd baseman Sam Duffy made an outstanding catch to prevent a run.  The teams fought back and forth with the White Sox taking the lead in the top of the forth with hits by Roman Junceau, and Ben Beaumont.  For the Pirates Justin Wong slammed a grand slam homerun, Jackson Mansfield went two for two and scored twice along with three spectacular put outs in the infield, Tai Manheim had two hits and several great plays in the outfield along with one assist, James Borrelli went two for two with a great play at short to throw out a runner at third; Nicholas Gunther went two for two and played a great game behind the plate, Mathew Gunther had a hit and two R.B.I. and Kaleo Grant scored a run and had two outstanding plays at third base recording two separate outs. Ultimately the Pirates tied the score for one of the most exciting games played in the Jr. Minors Division.


Astros vs. Red Sox

With the division lead on the line, these two Minor League powerhouses faced off with the Red Sox hosting the Astros on a rain-laden field, Sunday. Louis Moreschi took the mound for the Sox and pitched a nearly perfect first only walking Sarah McGowan who was stranded after Louis retired the side striking out one. Lindsay Holcomb got the start for the Astros and answered with a strong bottom of the inning; giving up one run when Alex Hirsch, Justin Wenig and William Merrill drew walks and Louis Mereschi was hit by pitch.

The Astros struck back in the second with 4 runs with hits from Matthew Weldon and Connor Cimino and walks from Owen O’Keefe, Milo Schreier, and Bryan Gomez. Lindsay Holcomb thwarted the Sox comeback in the bottom of the inning striking out the side in order.

Louis Moreschi returned to his dominance on the mound retiring 3 out of 4 batters; giving up only one hit, a shot to deep right-center triple by Lindsay Holcomb. The Sox got one back in the bottom when Dylan Pryor drew a walk and was driven home on a monster triple from Louis Moreschi. Holcomb was able to escape further damage when she retired the side on strikes.

Up two runs in the top of the fourth and the Sox mid relievers Luca Lesser, and Justin Wenig on the mound, the Astros opened up their lead when Owen O’Keefe, Balthazar Merrin, Bryan Gomez, Wyatt Gray, and Sarah McGowan all drew walks and scored. The Red Sox came back with one of their own to close in the inning, with Astros closer Sean McGowan getting the nod. Justin Wenig had a lead off walk and was driven in when Will Merrill cranked a double to left center. Further damage was averted when Astros third baseman Wyatt Gray threw a strike to catcher Sarah McGowan to catch Will stealing home and stranding Jack Anderson, who had reached on a walk.

The Astros were able to add an insurance run in the top of a fifth inning when Sean McGowan hit a line drive single and scored. The fifth inning also brought heavier rain and, just after Louis Moreschi converted a 1-3 putout to retire the Astros, the game was called with the Red Sox due to bat.

Tigers vs. Red Sox

In this thrilling match up on May 31, the Red Sox got on top early behind the strong pitching of Louis Moreschi and hitting of DJ West who drove in a run in the 2nd

inning.  In the bottom of the 3rd, Friso Clarke scored for the 3rd time and then with 2 out, 2 men on base and down by 1 run, the Tigers Sasha Auerbach cleared the bases with a triple and then advanced home to give the Tigers a 2 run lead. The Sox put 5 quick runs on the board in the top of the 4th behind another hit from Justin Wenig, who also had a good day on the mound, and another run by Dylan Pryor, who reached base all four times at bat, to score 3 times. The Tigers replied in the bottom of the inning with 4 from smart

base running by Will Carr, Nathan Goldberg, who reached base all 3 times at bat, and Kyle Goldfarb as well as a base hit by John Zito to take back the lead by one.  Not to be denied, Red Sox Tyler Paige started off the 5th with a shot up the middle and later Tynan

Couture-Rashid, who reached base all three times at bat and scored twice, scored the tying run going into the bottom of the 5th inning. Will Merrill was deliberate and very effective on the mound for the Sox and struck out the side in the bottom of 5 to send the

game into the decisive final frame still tied. Tigers pitcher, Sasha Auerbach, kept cool to close out the top of the 6th in a tie with the help from catcher John Zito’s exciting run down of the threatening Sox go ahead runner.  The game ended with the 1st Tiger batter of the bottom of the 6th, Elliott Loving, who hit a rope into right field where the ball

hugged inside the foul line going deep for a game winning home run.


White Sox vs. Astros

In the first-ever Monday night game at the Battery Park City baseball fields, the White Sox overcame an outstanding pitching performance by the Astros’ Jake Shapiro and a line drive triple by Sam Youkliss to win with the score of 4-3.  Sparkling defense and a booming bat from Josh Lawrence led the pale hose back from a 3-0 deficit.  Henry Costello got five big outs on the mound and handed the ball off to fireball reliever David Benjamin who threw 9 pitches and 8 for strikes. Weston Priest had a clutch two-out, full-count R.B.I. single to tie the game up in the fourth. Jack Hatton had two R.B.I. and Aaron Gallagher had two hits for the Sox.


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