Volume 18 • Issue 45 | March 24 - 29, 2006

Letters to the Editor

No benefit to noisy bars

To The Editor:

Re “Liquor, not milk, brings jobs” (Letter by Christopher Molinari, March 17 – 23):

Mr. Molinari misses the point, like a smoker oblivious to the fact that his rights end when they interfere with my rights.

If his neighbor chooses to be “tucked in at 9 p.m.,” how does that affect Molinari — unless Molinari considers his bar an extension of his neighbor’s apartment. There are enough residents who have had bars inflict noise on them — as if the bars had eminent domain — in apartments they are paying damn good money to live in. At least a resident is paid to move out with eminent domain.

Perhaps the offending bars should pay affected tenants’ rents — and a class-action lawsuit is called for.

Jobs are lost? What about those who are kept awake until 4 a.m.? What economic benefit is that? What is the social benefit to hard-working people of having to deal with this quality-of-life nightmare?

Robert Weitz

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