Volume 18 • Issue 43 | March 10 - 16, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Trash plan is garbage

To The Editor:

Re “Sanitation still talking trash on Gansevoort” (news article, March 3 - 9):

Thank you for the article on the Solid-Waste Management Plan and its impact on the Gansevoort Peninsula in the Hudson River Park.

While Sanitation Commissioner Doherty said he was aware that any transfer station would require an amendment to the Hudson River Park Act, the legislation that created the park, he went on to talk about how such a facility could co-exist with the park. The statement in the letter that Assemblymember Gottfried and I sent to the City Council Sanitation Committee stated that the plan was “simply unrealistic” based not only on its violation of this existing legislation but, more important, on something that was made clear in our letter — there will be no change to the legislation that would allow the construction and operation of a transfer station in the middle of the Hudson River Park.

While the park is highly popular with visitors and tourists, it is vitally important to residents of Community Boards 2 and 4, since, even with the new Hudson River Park, these community boards have the least park space of any in New York City. In fact, with the exception of the Gansevoort Peninsula, the non-water portion of Hudson River Park is very narrow, ranging from less than 20 feet to 120 feet. The 500-foot-by-500-foot Gansevoort Peninsula is the only sizeable piece of parkland within the park — and a highly inappropriate location for a waste transfer station.

Deborah J. Glick
Assemblymember, 66th District

Hope for Stringer’s plan

To The Editor:
Re “Stringer wants reform, new blood on community boards” (news article, Feb. 24 – March 2):

Scott Stringer’s community board reform may be one of the most important quality-of-life initiatives we have seen. As an assemblyman, his office was one of the few that “got it.” Still,we were a little bit dubious as to campaign rheotoric and that do-nothing politicians were able to ride his coattails into office.

If integrity can somehow infiltrate our community boards, maybe there will be some teeth to residents’ noise complaints. Unsuspecting residents have been detoured when they seek out the assistance of their local community board. Little do they realize, in many cases they have been appealing to a “community” of the special interests.

We need Stringer to follow through so that this is not another vehicle for opportunists.

Robert Weitz

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