Volume 18, Number 37 | Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2006

Letters to the editor

Brush with Bruce

To The Editor:
I enjoyed your story about Springsteen’s appearance on Saturday night (news article, Jan. 20 –26, “Bruce wows the Winter Garden”). I was there and got some photos myself.

In addition, I bumped into him in the crowd — literally. I was taking some photos from just beyond the seating area, and when I turned to walk back over to where my wife was standing by the Godiva store, I sort of clipped him with my arm. I recognized him immediately and told him I really enjoyed what he did and thanked him for all his work. He was very polite, thanked me and shook my hand. He spent the rest of the show standing in that area not far from where we were, and I noticed a handful of people recognize him, but no one approached him or took any photos until he and Patti Scialfa moved to the side of the stage just before “Reason To Believe,” as he prepared to join the musicians onstage for “Oklahoma Hills.”

Patti smiled during the brief exchange I had with Bruce and they stood close throughout the night. For most songs, they embraced and seemed to say little, just appearing to enjoy the other artists’ interpretations of his 25-year-old songs.
Dan Cichalski

Film deserves better fate

To The Editor:
Re “A different kind of survivor’s tale” (arts article, Jan. 13 - 19):

I read your review this morning by Internet of the newly released movie, “Fateless.” I am an expat living in Budapest for the past several years. It is refreshing to see that there is such admiration and appreciation on behalf of people in a country that has not experienced or seen war on its own soil. It is hard to fathom what life really is and was like in a place ravaged by war, communism and repression in general. Riding public transportation each day through the city, watching peoples’ faces, one still wonders how much ordeal, pain and sorrow these people had to endure, as it is still reflected on their faces and their hopelessness at times. It will take many generations for the Iron Curtain countries to overcome these feelings and memories. 

It is most disappointing that the film was not nominated for a Golden Globe. This year the Golden Globes reflected a general sense of ignorance and isolationism to the outside world. I am myself so much more open to the world now. Living on the other side of the “pond,” so to speak, I realize how small a world I lived in before, how sheltered a news media I was exposed to and how cut off I was from the rest of the universe.

Thank you for your wonderful review of a truly artistic film.
Sylvia Dallos


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