Volume 18 • Issue 19 | Sep. 30 - Oct 06, 2005

Letters to the editor

Questionable campaign loans

To The Editor:

Re “Friends loaned Lopez $166,000 to settle campaign dispute” (news article, Sept. 23- 29):

I thought that the purpose of the Campaign Finance Board was to make raising large sums of cash from a few individuals over a short period time unnecessary. I was obviously misinformed.

The C.F.B. policy of addressing outstanding issues from past elections so very close to an upcoming election day — holding current matching funds hostage to the candidate’s ability to deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars to the C.F.B. as a condition of making current matching funds available — makes candidates dependent upon large sums of cash loans from a few, rather than small contributions from many.

Why can’t the C.F.B. choose to resolve outstanding issues within six months after an election? The C.F.B. should not be withholding matching funds for current races as a means of resolving outstanding issues from elections held four years ago. There must be a better way to address outstanding issues in the future. The current policy undermines the mission and purpose of the C.F.B.

Sheri Clemons

Musical spirit needed

To The Editor:

When it comes to communicating, nothing breaks the ice, crosses language barriers, expresses thoughts, ideas, and feelings better than music. When every teenager’s dream is to play a guitar in a band on MTV, playing music in a garage goes beyond mere career goals, and is a rite of passage in struggling to find one’s voice in the world.

Those who refuse to give up their dream to play music, and provide a forum for others to express themselves, deserve a huge round of applause as well as community support.

It seems that affordable lease negotiations have broken down between CBGBs and The Bowery Residents’ Committee. Perhaps if negotiating was done with lyrics and music, rather than with heavy-handed rent increases, both parties would see eye to eye or ear to ear.

Colleen M. Delaney

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