Volume 18 • Issue 17 | September 16 - 22, 2005

Police blotter

Firefighter fight
An off-duty firefighter who attended a Sunday, Sept. 11 memorial at ground zero for firefighters who died in the World Trade Center four years ago, assaulted a newsstand attendant at 123 MacDougal St. near W. Third St. later that day, police said.

The suspect, Edward Dailey, 27, a member of a Queens ladder company, was arrested in a nearby bar shortly after the 5 p.m. incident and was charged with second degree assault and criminal mischief.

Dailey had told the attendant, Shafiquai Bhuya, 51, a Bangladeshi immigrant, that he “looked like Al Qaeda,” then ripped a Plexiglas shield from the stand and threw it at Bhuya, police said. The victim was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital where he was treated for an arm injury and released, police said.

Dailey, wearing a FDNY T-shirt and uniform trousers, then went to drink with a group of firefighter friends at the Fat Black Pussy Cat around the corner on W. Third St. where he was apprehended a short time later, police said.

Hudson Sq. club ruckus
A man who was ejected from Club Flow at 150 Varick St. during the early hours of Sat, Sept 10, returned with a can of Mace and sprayed six police officers before he was subdued and arrested, police said.

A bouncer at the club near the corner of Spring St. phoned 911 at 3 a.m. to say that an angry patron who had been ejected from the club threatened to return with a gun. When police arrived, the bouncer pointed out the 6’4” 280-pound suspect who had one hand in his pocket. On police orders, he took his hand out of his pocket, but pulled out the Mace and began spraying the officers. The suspect, Daniel Diaz, 25, was charged with assault, resisting arrest, and possession of a weapon.

Vendors fight
A dispute over a vending spot just before 7 a.m. on Sat. Sept. 10 near the corner of Prince and Mercer Sts. ended in a fight and the arrest of one of the vendors, police said. The victim told police that his assailant hit him with a folding table, knocked him down and punched him in the chest. Police searched the area and arrested Eran Salman, 25, and charged him with assault.

New St. robbery
Two robbers waylaid a Staten Island man, 37, walking on New St. between Wall and Beaver Sts at 1:30 a.m. Sat. Sept. 10, punched him in the head, took his wallet and fled in a green sedan, police said. The robbers made off with $1,000 and the victim’s cell phone.

Attempted robbery
A woman walking with a male friend on Thompson St. just north of Canal St. at 7:30 p.m. Fri. Sept. 9 resisted a man who grabbed her bag, hit her in the face and then punched and broke the glasses of her friend who came to her rescue, police said. The woman, 22, and her friend, 21, both of Brooklyn, hung onto the bag. Police canvassed the area and arrested Orpheus Grant, 22, charging him with the robbery attempt.

Office burglary
A thief forced open the front door of an office building at 321 Broadway near Thomas St. on Friday evening Sept. 9, entered the office of TBI Topper Brokerage and made off with a laptop computer valued at $1,500, police said.

Monte on Canal
A visitor from San Juan, P.R. told police he stopped to play at a sidewalk three-card monte table on the south side of Canal St. between Church St. and Broadway at 1:30 p.m. Sun. Sept. 11 and was challenged, “Show me the money.” As soon as the visitor, 25, pulled $700 out of his pocket, the two card game operators snatched it, fled east and were lost in the crowd, police said.

Tribeca bag snatch
A Raleigh, N.C. visitor hung her bag on the back of her chair at Flor del Sol, the restaurant at 361 Greenwich St. at Harrison St. at 7:15 p.m. Sat. Sept. 10. She discovered it was gone 10 minutes later, police said. The victim had been sitting near the exit with her back to the bar. She lost $200 in cash, credit cards and a cell phone.

Pocket picked
A visitor from Minneapolis shopping in Soho on Saturday afternoon Sept. 10 discovered her wallet was missing from her bag while she was walking on West Broadway near Broome St., at about 3:30 p.m., police said. The victim, 47, told police she last opened the wallet in a clothing store at 113 Greene St. less than an hour before. By the time she reported the theft, there were about three unauthorized charges on her credit cards at various GAP stores totaling $5,000, police said.

Soho shoplifter
A man who walked into the Barneys shop at 116 Wooster St. at 4 p.m. Sat. Sept. 10 stuffed several pair of women’s designer jeans with a total value of $1,975 into a Macy’s shopping bag and fled. The thief, described only as a black man, was last seen running east on Spring St., police said.

Motorcycle gone
A man who parked his blue 2004 Yamaha motorcycle on Friday, Sept. 9 in the parking area on Wall and South Sts, returned at 9:30 p.m. and found it was stolen, police said.

Soho auto theft
A motorist who parked his 2003 BMW Suburban on the north side of Grand St. near the corner of Wooster St. at 2:30 a.m. Sun. Sept. 11 returned on Monday and found it gone. A check of towing services did not show the car had been towed for illegal parking, police said.

Child found
A 4-year-old boy who was with his mother at a restaurant on Broadway at 172nd St. on Thursday evening Sept. 8 was stolen away by a strange woman at about 7:10 p.m., police said. A 911 call nearly three hours later brought police to 120 Baruch Dr. at Houston St. in the Baruch Houses where the boy was found with Altagracia Rodriguez, 29. The boy was returned to his mother, police said. Rodriguez, a resident of 120 Baruch Dr., was charged with kidnapping. Law enforcement officials said the defendant was apparently a complete stranger to the boy and his mother.

Dark Room reopens
The Dark Room, a bar and lounge at 165 Ludlow St. that was padlocked on the night of Sept. 2 in a Nuisance Abatement civil action for selling alcohol to underage patrons, re-opened Thurs. Sept. 8 after agreeing with the city Law Department on conditions of operation.

The bar agreed to make every effort to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors, including checking patrons’ identification, according to Gabriel Taussig, administrative law chief for the Law Department.

The Dark Room, between Houston and Stanton Sts., is where Mellie Nichol Carballo, 18, became acquainted with Roberto Martinez, who invited her to a party on in the Lillian Wald Houses where Carballo and her friend, Marta Pesantez, 18, were found unconscious on Aug. 12 and died a few hours later of heroin overdose. Martinez and his friend, Alfredo Morales, a resident of the Wald Houses apartment where the women had passed out, were later charged with drug violations.

Lost bag
A woman visiting the South St. Seaport on Thursday night Sept. 8 put her bag on a bench at the corner of Fulton and South Sts at 11:30 p.m., and discovered the bag had been stolen in the few seconds that she had turned away from it, police said.


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