Volume 18 • Issue 15 | September 01 - 08, 2005

Letters to the editor

Mike ‘pretty good?’ Not!

To The Editor:
Re “A pass for now on the Democratic mayoral candidates” (editorial, Aug. 26):

In your latest editorial, you write that Tax Hike Mike Bloomberg has “done a pretty good job,” but most people in New York City think he’s been almost worthless (despite fake polls) and the facts back this up.

I can give you hundreds of thousands of specifics proving Bloomberg is the worst mayor ever in most ways. Even that wackjob Giuliani didn’t arrest the Critical Mass cyclists or handcuff New York Times reporters! And he’s the first mayor in history to punish victims of crime when he fails to do his job preventing it — he gives all the newspapers huge fines for the graffiti vandalism on their boxes!

Even the few “good” things he’s done he doesn’t deserve credit for. For example, anyone elected would’ve saved the High Line, except for that wackjob Giuliani.

And for you to only talk about four of the five Democrats for mayor is unfair and corrupts our electoral process. I am not a “minor” candidate. I’m the only candidate voters actually get excited about.

I’m completely retiring from politics and investigative journalism after this election and moving out of New York City because this ship is sinking fast.

F.Y.I.: Tony Granowicz of the Green Party is the second-smartest candidate after me, followed probably by Weiner in a distant third. You don’t have to trust me on this.

Christopher X. Brodeur
Brodeur is a Democratic candidate for mayor

Building and Bush

To The Editor:
Re “Tower of fear, not freedom for some” (news article, July 1 – 7) and “Changes for the worse at the Freedom Tower” (Talking Point, July 15 – 21):

Were it not so costly, the prospective Freedom Tower, a.k.a. “Feardom Tower,” would be a “Much Ado About Nothing” architectural project designed to fill the coffers of the designers and developers who are regular contributors to the demise of Lower Manhattan.

Given the somnambulism of the Bush regime, combined with deception unlimited, and a huge budget for warfare and the subsidizing of the armaments industry, no building is secure in New York City.

The demolition company that was responsible for the collapse of a building in Upper Manhattan was linked to the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm with ties to the first President Bush.

Security is always relative; but to the extent that people are accountable, responsible, and not above the law, as the Bush clan has been, chances are better for the citizens of the city, the state, the nation, and the planet. Unless there is active opposition to the tyranny of stupidity and plutocracy, the empire will fall by the weight of its own folly.

Shelly Estrin

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