Volume 18 • Issue 13 | August 19 - 25, 2005

Police blotter

Teen deaths
Two women, both 18, were found unconscious in the Lillian Wald Houses apartment of an acquaintance on Friday evening, Aug. 12, and died later at Bellevue Hospital of apparent drug overdoses, police said.

The victims, Mellie Nichols Carballo, a Hunter College student from the Upper East Side, and her friend Marta Pesantez, of Queens, a student at New York University, were with Alfredo Morales, 33, a resident of the ninth-floor apartment on E. Houston St. and Avenue D, and his friend, Roberto Martinez, 41, an East Village resident.

Police said Martinez, who has a record of arrests for drug-related offenses, acknowledged that the two couples had been using cocaine, but both men later told reporters that no drugs had been involved in the evening during which they played cards and the women drank malt liquor.

Police and health officials are also investigating the possibility that the women used heroin from the same batch that may have killed four other people.

Carballo had previously become acquainted with Martinez at the Dark Room, a Ludlow St. bar, according to reports. She and Pesantez were at the Dark Room together on Friday afternoon and phoned Martinez, who invited them to his friend’s apartment.

The men told police that at one point, the men left the apartment when the women became tired and lay down to take a nap. When the men returned they found the women unconscious and called 911. Neither of the men was charged in connection with the incident. Carballo was declared dead at Bellevue at 6:22 p.m. Friday and Pesantez died at the hospital on Aug. 14, authorities said.

Robbery arrest
A robber stopped a woman, 57, at the corner of Chambers St. and W. Broadway during the early hours of Fri. Aug. 5, put a knife to her face, took her earrings and her bag with $25 in cash and fled into the subway station at the corner, police said. Transit police arrested Delron Taylor, 39, at 4 a.m., saying they found the wallet and earrings in his possession and charged him with robbery.

Liberty St. lifter
A shoplifter at Brooks Bros. on Broadway and Liberty St. stuffed 24 long-sleeved tee shirts and an expensive sweater into a black bag on Monday afternoon Aug. 8 and fled, police said.

Seaport arrest
South St. Seaport security guards looking through the window of a video game store at 89 South St. at 10 p.m. Saturday Aug. 5 spotted two men inside and arrested Jamail Phipps, 18, and Dwayne Norville, 17, police said. The suspects had $770 worth of video game discs in their possession, police said.

Assault on State St.
A Brooklyn woman, 25, told police that her former boyfriend threw a bottle and hit her in the right shoulder with it at 6 p.m. Wed. Aug. 3 on the street in front of 1 State St. Plaza. She filed for an order of protection against her 29-year-old assailant.
Motorcycle theft

A man, who parked his motorcycle at the southeast corner of West and N. Moore Sts. on Friday morning Aug. 5, found it had been stolen when he returned at 1:15 p.m., police said.

Cadillac stolen
A man who parked his 2005 white Cadillac at the corner of White St. and W. Broadway on Sunday afternoon Aug. 6 returned at 9 p.m. to find his car, valued at $50,000, missing, police said.

Beekman St. robbers
Three muggers grabbed a pedestrian at the corner of Beekman and Pearl Sts. shortly after 2 a.m. Thurs. Aug. 4, punched him in the head, took $350 from his pocket and fled, police said. The victim walked to the New York Downtown Hospital emergency room where he was treated and released.

Wallet lifted
A woman, who was having lunch at Pax, a restaurant at 90 Broad St. at 2 p.m. on Tues. Aug. 9, had her wallet lifted from her bag, police said.

The victim told police she took the wallet out of her bag, paid her bill and then replaced the wallet and draped the bag over the back of her chair while she lingered a little longer. She discovered the wallet, with $40 in cash and various credit cards, was gone when she went back into the bag to answer her cell phone.

Big bag haul
A woman from New Jersey had her bag and its contents, valued at a total of $4,800, stolen while she was eating lunch at a Soho restaurant on Tues. Aug. 9 at 1:20 p.m., police said. The victim, 28, told police her Louis Vuitton bag which she had hung over the back of her chair at Boom, 152 Spring St., between W. Broadway and Wooster Sts., was snatched by a thief who fled with it. The bag was valued at $1,500. Her designer wallet valued at $200 with $1,300 in cash, a camera and a cell phone were gone with it.

Drug store arrest
The security guard at the Duane Reade store, 305 Broadway, stopped a shoplifter who was walking out with two bottles of Advil, not paid for, in a black plastic bag on Friday afternoon Aug. 5, police said. Because the suspect, Michael Labruzzo, 25, had been caught shoplifting in the store previously and signed an order of trespass barring him from the premises, he was charged with a felony burglary, police said.

Soho burglary
A man threw a brick through the widow of a Gant shop at 77 Wooster St. at about 5 a.m. Thurs. Aug. 4, stepped in and made off with a bag of merchandize, police said. A witness described the burglar as a white man about 5’ 11” tall, police said.

—Albert Amateau


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