Volume 18 • Issue 8 | July 15-21, 2005

Letters to the editor

Not the original

To The Editor:
Although there have been changes made to the Freedom Tower, it is still not a final design as predicted (news article, July 1 –7, “Tower of fear, not freedom for some”).  The cost that Larry Silverstein is estimating could be more than he thought, and that is regardless of the result of his last lawsuit for the insurance.  Having only 69 floors with 13 that are left for mechanical usages is still too short compared to the Twin Towers, while the mechanical floors are almost as unoccupied as the lattice work.  Also, the design is pretty tacky and it could have been better.  Overall, the new Freedom Tower is still another building that fits the guidelines of being politically correct, and it still will not be as grand as the Twin Towers were, which were two 110 story buildings that gave the illusion of being windowless from a distance.  I still find it be bowing down to terrorism rather than defying them only because it is not restoring a worldwide symbol.

Tal Barzilai
Pleasantville, N.Y.

Story in tune

To The Editor:
On behalf of David Gage String Instruments, we want to thank-you for the lovely ( and accurate!) article that Ellen Keohane wrote about our shop (news article, June 17 –23, “Where basses get a chance for encores “). As both a business and as residents of Tribeca for close to 30 years now, it is terrific for us and “our” bass players to be recognized in the Downtown Express.

David and Judy Gage

Southbridge support

To The Editor:
This letter is a special thank you to the great number of shareholders of Southbridge Towers, who braved the rain to come to a rally to protest the proposed unnecessary 15 percent increase in maintenance.

Southbridge is a Mitchell-Lama co-op for the middle income. It means affordable housing. And the board of directors seems to need new direction in saving our complex.

Again, thank you shareholders. You really made a statement.

Shirley Espriel

Bicyclists are run amok

To The Editor:
We are all for the safety and benefits of biking but what about the safety of pedestrians when trying to cross streets and on sidewalks? What about the liability when delivery people are the worst offenders?
Ron and Sue Elvena

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