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Brit reacts to Codrescu

To The Editor:
I feel I must voice my objection to “The Penny Post” article in your recent edition (Eating in England,” by Andrei Codrescu, July 8–14, 2003).

Not only is the subject “Eating in England” offensive and inaccurate but it also has no bearing whatsoever on life in and issues about Downtown Manhattan.  Maybe the writer had some axe to grind or perhaps he just likes being extreme in order to get some notice — it’s not clear.  What is, however, clear is that such a diatribe is more suited to the “gutter press” than your usually informative and non-sensational publication.

As a Brit who has lived for several years in Battery Park City and enjoys New York to it’s fullest, I find it insulting to read erroneous and inflammatory remarks about England from someone who knows patently little of what he writes and whose background seems to be from somewhere further east in Europe where boiled cabbage is the height of gourmet cuisine.

Incredibly, your writer claims to know the thoughts of chickens and pigs, which suggests he is either extremely talented or just slightly delusional.  Furthermore, he describes the intake of large quantities of cholesterol soaked food and alcohol as if it had never occurred in any other country.  Perhaps the writer doesn’t get out much to notice that this country has the highest rate of obesity in the world.

Finally, the misinformed writer tries awkwardly to suggest that Indian food, amongst others, is far superior here than in England.  How can that be when India was once part of the British Empire and England has housed Indian immigrants for far longer than the U.S.A.  This has impacted the eating habits in England with the proliferation of good Indian restaurants, whereas New York and the rest of this country has more recently acquired such a taste.

Paul Collins

Cold water on waterfall
Re “A waterfall at the W.T.C.?” (news article, July 15 –21, 2003):
Though I love waterfalls, the noise, if comparable to Niagara, will keep residents awake, create a spray which will require hip boots, and also will present problems during water shortages. Even if the Hudson were tapped for the purpose, there may be sanitation and health consequences. If the water is turned off, ugly would be the word to describe one big blank wall.

Perhaps a giant fish tank would be better.

Erich Schneider

Closure is for parking

To The Editor:
Re “Judge says police are heavy-handed on Park Row” (news article, July 8 –14, 2003):

The real reason Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly wants the streets blocked is not so much concern for terrorist attacks but to have more parking for the private cars of the federal police and staff and for the N.Y.C. police private cars. These individuals should ride public transportation to their daily labors just like all those earning a daily living Downtown. To have all those public employees on the public transportation system would enhance security for the general public.

William I. Orchard


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