Starting off Strong at Preschool Of America Battery Park City 

Preschool of America


Preschool of America Battery Park City establishes daily routines and develops learning strategies for your child to actively transition to independence. Our teachers work with parents and co teachers to create a solid foundation on which your child can flourish.   Parents attend and participate with their children in monthly themed parties, where they engage in educational activities, learning and growing together, guided by a caring and nurturing staff.

What will your child experience at Preschool of America in a typical day?

Off to a great start:

Every morning, families are greeted by warm smiles and welcoming student greeters. These greeters are represented from several classes across different age levels. They are such a pleasant sight to see each day as you are welcomed to “Good Morning!” and “Have a Nice Day!” One cannot help but smile and feel the love!

As students enter their classrooms, they are encouraged to sign in (as are parents). This is one of the many print interactive experiences they will have throughout the day! We have graffiti boards, and charted group work, book clubs and more! We begin the day with puzzles, toys and discovery time where students can play with friends engaging in a variety of games. We move on to music & movement and play our musical instruments, march and feel the themes!

Every great day starts off with a great meal:

We all eat together as a family in each classroom with healthy, locally grown and colorful meals (school provides breakfast, lunch & a snack). The food is of an international global menu which provides texture, colors and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. We are diet sensitive, allergy/nut aware and provide specialty menus for gluten, dairy and vegetarian concerns.  Parents are always welcome to supply their child’s own food if they so desire. At Preschool of America, your child will never go hungry!

Read, Read and Read some more:

We read several times throughout the day.  We read for fun, learn traditional fairy tales, nursery rhymes, teacher lead theme reading, children’s choice, bedtime stories… we read for interest, we explore books on our own as well as with special visitors like our Battery Park Librarian, Ms. Julie Anne  and other special guest readers like Ms. Dorothy, our neighborhood retired educator.  We explore character development, cause and effect, problems and solutions. We share these experience and learn to strategize together, setting the foundations of learning with optimism and an eager spirit!

We have group circle times, read alouds, arts & crafts and many specialty classes, including Music, Yoga, Art & Mandarin! Our seniors have daily individualized Piano lessons!  We visit the beautiful park on nature walks and play outside twice daily in the many fields the park provides while we view the majestic Hudson River! We balance the mornings and afternoons after our daily siesta from 1:00pm – 3:00pm with a bit of each activity. Students have a tough time leaving the school because they love it so much!

In coming articles, we will discuss each activity, its benefits and plus points. We will also discuss what to expect at each developmental stage, the challenges and the joys! At Preschool of America @ 2 South End we will meet these challenges and share these joys together!


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  1. We are thrilled our 2 children attend school here. They are more than prepared acadenically and they love coming to school! Thank you POA! Keep up the good work!

  2. What a beautiful school! It is a hidden gem in Battery Park City. It is clean and warm with water views. My child graduated last year and is head of her class! We will send our second one in the spring.

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