Police Blotter: Week of May 17, 2018


Cops busted a man after he allegedly tried to swipe a guy’s camera on Canal Street on May 11.

The victim told police the suspect grabbed onto the pricey Fuji camera he was holding between Church Street and Broadway at 6:46 pm, and punched him a few times in the head as he attempted to wrestle away the gadget.

But the 28-year-old target proved more than a match for this would-be robber, according to police, who said the cameraman managed to hold onto his property throughout the ordeal until the alleged mugger gave up and fled.

The suspect was busted later that day with help from the victim, who pointed him out for police, cops said.



Some goon hurled a cellphone at a man waiting for an A train at Fulton Street on May 11.

The victim told police he became embroiled in an argument with the attacker on the A train platform at the station near Nassau Street at 5:12 pm, as the wacko blathered about how the victim was too close to him.

The middle-aged man attempted to walk away from the nutcase, and that’s when the lunatic threw his cellphone at him, striking him in the back of his head, cops said.

The victim was treated by paramedics, who took him to Lower Manhattan Hospital for further treatment, according to police.

The cellphone assailant remains at large, cops said.



A thief rode off with a man’s bicycle that he had chained up on Front Street on May 11.

The victim told police he locked his bike near John Street when he stepped into a nearby restaurant for some supper at 7 pm, and that he returned about an hour and a half later to find that his ride, valued at more than $1,345, was gone.



A scribbling robber nabbed $1,000 from a Broadway bank on May 7.

A bank teller told police the crook entered the business between Fulton and Ann streets at 2:10 pm, and passed over a note that read, “Do not press alarm! $3,000 large bills. I will shoot! Move quickly.”

The teller met the robber just shy of the middle, and handed him a cool grand before he fled, cops said.



A thief made off with a woman’s wallet he nabbed from her purse aboard a 4 train near Bowling Green on May 14.

The victim told police she boarded the crowded train at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall station at 9 am, but that when she checked her bag 15 minutes later at Bowling Green, she discovered her wallet had been stolen.

The woman was later notified by her bank that several unauthorized charges at an MTA vending machine were billed to her card, cops said.


A pair of thieves stole more than $1,400 worth of makeup from a North End Avenue drug store on April 30.

An employee told police the crooks waltzed into the pharmacy between Warren and Murray streets at 3:33 pm, and proceeded to snag no less than 70 bottles of foundation and face cream before fleeing past the register with their ill-gotten beauty products.



A shoplifter pulled a knife on the employee of a Fulton Street department store on May 5 after the worker tried to stop him from sneaking off with stolen clothes.

The employee told police he caught the crook making his way past the checkout at the store between Water and South streets with a sweater and pair of pants at 2:50 pm.

When he moved to intercept the thief, the goon pulled out a silver blade.

“Do you want to get cut?” the reprobate growled before fleeing towards the Hudson on Fulton Street.



A thief drove off with a man’s car that he left running outside a Pearl Street parking lot on May 5.

The victim told police he left his 2015 Ford sedan purring outside the garage between Peck Slip and Beekman Street at 7:50 am, and returned five minutes later to discover some crook had hopped in and taken it for a ride.

Police found the car near the intersection of John and Pearl streets about 20 minutes later, and recovered surveillance footage the showed the thief hightailing it away from the car on foot, still in possession of the victim’s keys.

Colin Mixson

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