Police Blotter: Week of Feb. 22, 2018


A man and woman allegedly maced a cop in a failed attempt to flee arrest on Church Street on Feb. 12.

The suspects were among four graffiti artists allegedly caught tagging a commercial building between Walker and Lispenard streets at 9:15 pm, when the arresting officer announced himself as a cop and moved in to cuff them, according to police.

The cop managed to bag two of the suspected vandals, but not before they allegedly caught him with a can of mace, earning themselves a felony assault rap, cops said.


A shoplifter nabbed a whopping 17 pairs of pants from a Broadway retailer on Feb. 17.

An employee told police the crook grabbed more than $1,300 worth of denim before hightailing past the register of the shop between Maiden Lane and Liberty Street at 3:35 pm.



A 12-year-old boy snatched a phone from a woman’s hands on State Street on Feb. 16.

The victim told police the pint-sized perp nabbed her cell near Battery Place at 10 pm, but that she was able to run him down and recover her property from the rascal.

The woman victim declined to press charges, cops said.


A foreign exchange student woke up from a drug-induced fugue to find his cash and credit cards missing outside the Fulton Street subway station on Feb. 6.

The victim told police he had been at a bar hanging out with three strange men, who may have drugged him, because he fell asleep shortly after leaving and awoke to empty pockets outside the station near Broadway at 1:30 am.



A thief rode off with a man’s motorcycle which he had parked on Thompson Street sometime before Feb. 2.

The victim told police he left his KTM Super Duke locked up tight — with a chain fed through the back tire and secured around a fence — between W. Houston and Prince streets at 8 am one day, and returned nearly a week later to find his $7,000 speed machine stolen.

— Colin Mixson

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