Police Blotter: Week of Sept. 7, 2017


Three food vendors were arrested for allegedly beating one of their competitors with a hammer amid a territorial dispute on Broadway on Sept. 2.

The victim told police that he was setting up his food cart between Spring and Broome streets at 8 am when his rival food vendors attacked, one of them wielding a hammer to beat the cook.

Police arrested three suspects on assault charges, and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital with wounds to the groin, chest, and neck, cops said.



Some crook stripped a radio off a man’s motorcycle he parked on South End Avenue on Sept. 3.

The victim told police he left his bike between Albany Street and Rector Place at 9:15 pm, and returned the following morning to find his ride was short one $1,200 radio.



Cops busted a 28-year-old man for allegedly robbing a man to the tune of $35 on Exchange Place on Sept. 4.

The victim, 24, told police he was near Broad Street at 1:05 am, when the suspect waltzed in and demanded his cash, claiming he could beat the victim up if he wanted.

The suspect’s alleged prey reached into his wallet and handed over the measly $35 he had on him, and the older man fled on foot, cops said.



A gunman robbed a woman inside a Gold Street bank on Aug. 31.

The victim told police she was inside the bank near Liberty Street pulling cash from an ATM at 12:35 am, when she first spotted the nogoodnik watching her from outside the glass door.

After she got her money, the man came in and pulled up his shirt to reveal a black pistol, according to police.

“Give me $1,000 right now,” the crook snarled.

The woman told her robber she didn’t have that kind of money, so the delinquent told her to hand over whatever she had, and the victim gave him $160, cops said.



A knifeman stole a 36-year-old man’s bag of medicine amid a Water Street stickup on Aug. 31.

The victim told police he was near Dover Street at 11:45 pm, when the npgoodnik put a hand over his mouth and a blade to his neck.

“Give me your wallet, money, and phone,” the crook growled.

But the victim claimed he didn’t have any of that stuff, and that a bag he was carrying contained nothing but laundry and medicine, cops said.

So, the thief decided to settle for the man’s bag of meds, and fled heading east on Dover Street, according to police.


A thief made off with two high-priced jackets from a Vesey Street fashion boutique on Aug. 25.

An employee told police that the crook waltzed into the retailer near West Street at 4:44 pm, before grabbing a pair of the coats that together sold for $11,445, and slinking past the register without paying.



A thief rode off with a woman’s $1,200 Citi Bike on Cedar Street on Aug. 24.

The victim told police she had left the rental bike outside a pizza shop between Trinity Place and Greenwich Street as she grabbed a slice at 1 am, when she spotted the crook hop on her bike and ride off.

A woman whom the victim presumed was the crook’s girlfriend abetted her delinquent beau, and could be seen trotting after him as he rode into the night, cops said.



Burglars looted a man’s car he parked on W. Houston Street on Aug. 26, taking his laptop, radar detector, and other goods.

The victim told police he left his ride between MacDougal and Sullivan streets at 11 pm, and returned two days later to find one of his windows was shattered and more than $1,500 worth of valuables nabbed.



A crook nabbed a woman’s purse from right under her nose in a Wall Street lounge on Aug. 24.

The victim told police that she was sitting at a table inside the bar between Front and South streets at 10:30 pm, when she looked down and noticed the bag at her feet — along with the iPhone 7 and Bose headphones it contained — had been stolen.

— Colin Mixson

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