Transit Sam: Week of Aug. 17, 2017

Dates: Thursday, August 17 – Wednesday, August 23


President Trump may have said goodbye to New York City until his next visit, but don’t worry: plenty of traffic-starters will cause Lower Manhattan Streets to freeze up over the coming week.

Another Saturday of Summer Streets, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., will kick cars off a seven-mile route so that pedestrians, runners, and bikers can take their places. Just as it did last week, this car-free stretch will run from Centre Street at the Brooklyn Bridge, onto Lafayette Street, up Fourth Avenue, crawling onto Park Avenue, and continuing to the Upper East Side. Rest stops scattered throughout SoHo will also cause backups in that area.

As cars divert from that route, the Brooklyn Bridge Centre Street exit, the Civic Center area, Broadway and Bowery, as well as Houston and 14th streets. and Third and Fifth Avenues will once again experience slowdowns.

On Saturday, the West 13th Street Festival will take over 13th Street between Seventh and Greenwich Avenues from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Sunday, the India Day Parade and Festival, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., will take over Madison Avenue between 38th and 23rd streets. This will cause backups down northbound Park Avenue as cars skip over Madison, and causing delays as far down as 14th Street.

Starting Tuesday and continuing daily set-up will begin for New York Fashion Week, which will start on September 7. From 5 a.m. to midnight, the area of Clarkson Square will see extra traffic with equipment trucks bringing set-up materials to the area bounded by West and Greenwich streets and Spring and Houston streets. Increased numbers of trucks will also cause jams on Varick Street between Laight and North Moore streets. Altogether, this will cause backups at the Holland Tunnel entrance from Varick.

Prepare to take transit next Saturday, August 26, with NFL Preseason bringing the Giants and the Jets—and sell-out crowds—to MetLife Stadium for a 7 p.m. showdown, and jams to downtown streets. See my column next Thursday for the details!

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