Police Blotter: Week of Aug. 3, 2017


A woman was arrested for allegedly using a stolen credit card to fuel an illicit $7,320 spending spree at a Liberty Street fashion outlet on July 30.

An employee told police he was working at the retailer near West Street at 5:23 pm, when the suspect came to purchase a small fortune in clothes, including a $2,550 Saint-Laurent jacket, with the stolen card.



A thief robbed a Broadway bank on July 21 — and hopped in a cab to make his escape.

A teller told police she was working at the financial institution between Ann and Fulton streets at 9:50 am, when the robber passed her a note threatening to shoot the place up unless she handed him the cash.

After the teller forked over the dough, the crook jumped into a taxi that was last seen traveling over the Verrazano Bridge into Staten Island, cops said.



A would-be bank robber attempted to threaten a teller at a Church Street vault on July 22, but came up short thanks to a bold bank worker.

The teller told police he was working at the bank between Murray Street and Park Place at 12:30 pm, when the suspect passed him his demand letter.

“This is a robbery, give me all your money,” the note read.

But the teller simply passed the note back to the thief, and the man fled none the richer, cops said.



Cops are hunting three teenage girls wanted for beating and robbing a woman aboard a Downtown 1 train on July 21.

The victim, 28, told police she was riding the rails near Chambers Street and Broadway at 9:42 pm, when one of the teen terrors slugged her in the face, while another grabbed her purse, which contained $20 and a Metrocard juiced up with $100.

“No, don’t follow,” one of the girls sneered, before the teens fled with the victim’s stuff, according to police.



A thief snatched the phone from a woman’s hands on Broadway on July 28.

The victim told police she was chatting with a friend near Walker Street at 3 pm, when the suspect nabbed the pricey, $1,000 iPhone and fled.



Cops arrested two men for allegedly ripping off a sleeping straphanger inside the Fulton Street subway station on July 30.

The arresting officer spotted one of the suspects hovering over the 62-year-old commuter at the station near Church Street as he slept at 3:20 am, when the man allegedly reached into his pocket and withdrew his cellphone. The suspect then went over to another man, and together they inspected the victim’s phone, when both were arrested on the platform, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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