Transit Sam: Week of July 13, 2017

Thurs., July 13 – Wed., July 19


We’re now a few days into Penn Station’s track repair and so far, most of us have been spared the predicted hellish conditions, but don’t get complacent.

Wednesday evening, as I write this, the backups at the Holland Tunnel are pretty severe for this time of year. Varick is backed up to Seventh Avenue past Clarkson Street, Canal Street westbound is backed up to Little Italy, and Broome Street past Broadway. I suspect this is due to the extra demand by hundreds of buses and many more cars at the Lincoln Tunnel causing extensive jams sending drivers south. If this pattern continues, the Hudson Square area is in for a rough summer.

On the other hand, transit alternatives, especially across the Hudson, are so far preforming better than expected. PATH to Lower Manhattan has seen more riders but is handling the loads. NJT’s options are also panning out acceptably. For information on transit options, visit

One lane in each direction on the upper level of the Manhattan Bridge will close from 5 am–10 am Thursday, and from 10 pm Thursday night until 5 am Saturday morning.

On Thursday, from 10 am–6 pm, the Civic Center Block Party will shut down Warren Street between Church Street and Broadway, impacting Broadway and Chambers Street, as well as Brooklyn Bridge traffic.

The Second Avenue Festival will take place between 6th and 14th streets from 10 am–6 pm on Sunday, diverting cars to Third Avenue.

On Saturday, DOT Weekend Walks, from 11 am–4 pm, will close Mott Street between Canal and Worth streets, Elizabeth Street between Canal and Bayard streets, and Bayard Street between Mulberry and Bowery.

From the mailbag:

Dear Transit Sam,

You once cited NYC Traffic Rules and Regulations Section 4-08 (M)(9) in which cars can’t park in the same spot without moving for seven consecutive days. Is this rule still in effect? If so, how is it enforced?


Dear Lynn,

Yes, the rule is still in effect: vehicles cannot park without moving for seven days or more because doing so is considered as using city streets for storage. The NYPD makes observations, usually upon a complaint, and if the car is observed in the same spot for seven or more days a summons can be issued and the car can be towed. Call 311 to file a complaint.

Transit Sam

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2 Responses to Transit Sam: Week of July 13, 2017

  1. The Civic Center Block Party was a traffic disaster on Church Street yesterday. Who do I contact to let then know this road closure is horrendous for buses and anyone traveling on Church St.

    The event defintely added 45 minutes to my commute. Buses were just bottle necked 21st Warren and Church St.

  2. F’n autospell!!!

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