Police Blotter: Week of June 13, 2017


A woman was arrested for allegedly biting a cop on South Street on July 4.

The arresting officer reported he was between Whitehall and Broad streets at 10:10 pm, when the suspect chomped on his left arm.



A thief nabbed more than $1,000 worth of Mucinex from a Broadway drug sTore on July 6.

An employee told police the crook waltzed into the pharmacy between Murray Street and Park Place at 6:48 am, and nabbed a few dozen boxes of the congestion medicine before fleeing.



Some crook disassembled the scaffolding on a Warren Street sidewalk in order to steal a man’s bicycle on July 6.

The victim told police he chained his bike up to the sidewalk shed between Church Street and Broadway and headed into yoga class at 9:45 am, but returned later to find a screw had been removed from the scaffolding, allowing the crook to make off with the his $1,150 cycle.



Two thieves assaulted and robbed a man inside a Chambers Street subway station on July 4.

The victim told police he was heading upstairs from the 1 train platform at the station near West Broadway at 10:30 pm when one of the crooks cracked him over the back of his head, while the other stomped on his feet.

The thieves then nabbed his valuables, including his gold and diamond ring, cellphone, and $270 in cash, cops said.



Looters attacked a worker at a Broadway fashion boutique as they nabbed a bunch of polo shirts on July 3.

The victim told police she was hard at work at the retailer between Prince and Spring streets at 2:35 pm, when the six thieves came in and nabbed about $300 in shirts.

As they fled, one of the crooks hurled the woman the ground, opening a nasty gash on her elbow, cops said.



A man was arrested for allegedly attacking a police officer on July 4 after going ballistic inside a Fulton Street drug store.

The arresting officer told authorities he was inside the pharmacy near Water Street at 12:24 pm when he saw the suspect knocking items off the shelves and shouting insults at workers.

When he spotted the cop, the suspect ran for the exit and hurled his skateboard at the officer, hitting him in his leg, according to police.



Two thieves robbed a man on Greenwich Street on July 8, taking his wallet and cellphone.

The victim told police that he was near Rector Street at 5:30 am, when the crooks sauntered up and demanded his belongings.

When the victim refused, one of the crooks socked him in the face and the pair made off with his stuff, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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