Police Blotter: Week of July 6, 2017


Cops busted a man for allegedly stabbing his colleague in the leg at a Mercer Street construction site on June 30.

The victim told police he was arguing with the suspect at the work site between W. Houston and Prince streets at 12:05 pm, when the man suddenly stormed off, only to return with a knife and start slashing, police said.

The attack, which left the victim with a nasty wound, was witnessed by three other men, and the suspect was arrested later that day, according to police.


A thief stole a woman’s wallet from her purse inside a Hudson Street coffee shop on June 29, before racking up $10,000 in illicit charges.

The victim told police she was inside the coffee shop between Vandam and Charlton streets at 5:45 pm, with her wallet inside the purse dangling off the back of her chair.

When she got up to leave, however, the victim realized her bag had been ransacked, and the woman was quick to cancel her cards, cops said.

But not quick enough, apparently, as the crook had somehow managed to rack up a small fortune in bogus charges in a short period of time, according to police.


A woman beat a man with a metal flask on Broadway on July 1.

The victim, 59, told police he was between Maiden Lane and Liberty Street just after midnight, when he spotted two women brawling in the street.

The man attempted to break up the unruly fracas, but all he got for his trouble was a flask to his face, along with another smack, and two bite marks on his forearm, cops said.


Cops are hunting two thieves who altogether nabbed nearly $3,500 worth of merchandise from the same Broadway drug store on two occasions last month.

An employee told police the first crook hit the pharmacy between Murray Street and Park Place at 7:50 am on June 25, before nabbing $2,442 worth of razors and acid-reflux medicine and fleeing.

The second thief waltzed into the store at 5:30 pm on June 27, and when he started looting he didn’t stop until he’d amassed a sizeable cache of various off-the-counter drugs worth more than $1,000.


A pack of eight thieves made off with more than $5,000 worth of ritzy cologne from a Water Street fashion retailer on June 17.

An employee told police that the band of thieves flooded into the store between John and Fulton streets at 1:58 pm and nabbed 46 bottles of the ill-gotten perfume.

— Colin Mixson

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