Police Blotter: Week of June 29, 2017


Cops are on the hunt for the knife-wielding brute who attacked a man inside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal on June 24, apparently in revenge for a perceived racial slur.

The victim told police he was inside the lobby of the South Street ferry building near Whitehall Street at 5:42 am, when the assailant waltzed over and stabbed him in the arm.

“You called me the N word,” the victim recalled the slasher shouting.

Police later searched the area for the stabber, but came up short, according to police.



A knifeman robbed a man outside a Cedar Street pub on June 21.

The victim told police he was between Greenwich Street and Trinity Place at 3 am, when the thief pulled a knife on him and took his cellphone.

The crook fled east on Cedar Street heading towards the East River, and police searched the area without any luck, cops said.



A man was arrested for allegedly kicking a police officer in the head inside the Whitehall Street Subway Station on June 21.

The officer reported he was inside the state near South Street at 10:15 am, when he spotted the suspect attempting to beat the fare by using an “altered” Metrocard.

When the cop went to bust the suspect, the man allegedly attacked, kicking the officer in the head and bashing his face into a handrail, according to police.

But it didn’t do the suspect much good — the patrolman still managed to cuff the man, cops said.



A thief stole $1,000 and an iPhone a mom left unattended in her baby carriage inside Broadway fast food join on June 21.

The victim told police she was inside the quickie diner between Cortlandt and Liberty streets at noon, when she took her baby into the bathroom and left her valuables unguarded, much to her thief’s benefit.



A thief stole more than $1,600 worth of makeup from a Broadway drugstore on June 17.

An employee told police he spotted the suspect inside the store between Park Place and Murray Street at 9:44 pm, when the crook nabbed the small fortune in makeup and fled.


— Colin Mixson

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