Downtown Delish: Dine Around Downtown tuns plaza at 28 Liberty St. into alfresco buffet

Photo by Tequila Minsky
Coworkers Erica Delrosario, A.B, and Katie McDermott took advantage of Dine Around Downtown on May 23 to sample the fare from local restaurants that they hadn’t tried before.


Good weather, hungry locals, and curious foodies made last week’s Dine Around Downtown a succulent success.

The plaza at 28 Liberty St. was filled with alfresco diners on May 23 eager to join the fun.

“It’s nice to see this plaza so animated,” said one co-worker to another as they grazed.

Photos by Tequila Minsky
Rahul Riazada enjoyed his sliders from The Malt House so much that he said he’s planning to swing by the eatery later to check out its happy hour.

Thirty-six local taverns and restaurants offered sample tastings — sliders, burgers, mac-n-cheese, pizza and specialty sandwiches — from $3 to $7.

The event fulfilled its purpose of bringing people out of their offices in the surrounding buildings and giving them the chance to try foods from a plethora of Downtown eateries, from The Tuck Room at the Seaport to Le District at Brookfield Place.

“This gives us a chance to sample restaurants that we haven’t tried,” said Erica Delrosario.

The promotion of Dine Around Downtown also hit the food-lover websites, drawing the curious from far and wide. This is the third year Brooklyn resident Shannon Flam has attended Dine Around Downtown.

“I like to eat,” she said, rattling off what she had already tried — the salmon boru, swordfish tacos, and the mini-lobster roll.

Two colleagues joined architect Lisette Mendez Boyer for an extended lunch hour — and ate strategically. The three would share each others orders, first bacon, then a burger, then mozzarella, so they could try many things without becoming stuffed. Then, along with dozens of others, the three joined the long, snaking line for the tasting that was the star this event, The Tuck House’s dessert: double chocolate donut holes in liquid-nitrogen-chilled ice cream.

Photos by Tequila Minsky
Bavaria Bier Haus grilled up steak on site to make its famous sandwiches.

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