Police Blotter: Week of May 4, 2017


Cops are hunting the robber who nabbed an iPhone and cash from a man on Howard Street on April 30.

The victim told police that he was near Mercer Street at 1 pm, when the crook sauntered up and snarled, “Where’s my money?”

The two argued before the robber claimed he was packing heat, and took the victim’s smart phone and $570, cops said.



Cops busted a man for allegedly stealing more than $1,000 worth of smokes, lottery tickets, and gum from a John Street convenience store on April 29.

An employee told police that he was inside the store between Cliff and Pearl streets at 5:35 am, when he spotted the suspect sneak behind the counter and nab the small fortune worth of coffin nails and lotto tickets.



Investigators are hunting the guy who nabbed nearly $2,500 worth of bras from a Broadway lingerie store on April 28.

An employee told police the crook was inside the retailer between W. Houston and Prince streets at 4:15 pm, when he grabbed a whopping 60 bras and fled the store.



Four thieves armed with knives assaulted a man on West Broadway on April 27, but only managed to make off with the chord from his headphones.

The victim told police he was between Canal and Grand streets at 5:55 pm, when the pack of raiders surrounded him and the “taller” one started throwing punches.

Then, the “skinny” one pulled a knife on the suspect, before yanking his headphone wires, which were attached to his phone, cops said.

But all the delinquents managed to nab was the chord, and all four fled none-the-richer, according to police.


A thief nabbed a woman’s $2,000 handbag from a Spring Street diner on April 29.

The victim told police she was chowing down at the eatery between Thompson Street and W. Broadway at 6:15 pm, when she headed to the bathroom and left her posh Fendi pocketbook behind at the table, only to return to find it was stolen.


Cops are hunting the knife-wielding maniac who left a man with grievous wounds following a brutal Bridge Street attack on April 21.

The victim told police he was near Whitehall Street at 9:50 pm, when the bruiser drew a knife and started slashing, causing numerous gashes across the man’s face, chest and right arm.

The lowlife fled following his vicious assault, while the victim was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, cops said.


Cops busted the alleged thief suspected of nabbing a $1,275 pair of pants from a Vesey Street retailer on April 20.

An employee told police he was inside the store near North End Avenue at 7:08 pm, when he spotted the suspect stuff the superb slacks inside his jacket and make for the exit with his ill-gotten britches.



A man was arrested for allegedly brawling with a straphanger on an E train as it neared the Fulton Street Subway Station on April 22.

The victim told police that he was riding the rails at 12:15 am, when the suspect went berserk and clocked him in the face.

The commuter did his best to restrain the suspect, but he managed to break away after the doors opened at Fulton Street, according to police.

A police officer spotted him not long after, however, and slapped the suspect in cuffs, cops said.

Colin Mixson

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