Police Blotter: Week of April 20, 2017


A man was arrested for allegedly brawling with paramedics after he refused to leave the side of an injured loved one on Broadway on April 15.

The emergency worker told police he was attempting to aid the ailing woman between Morris and Rector streets at 9:40 am, but was hindered by her significant other, who refused to leave her side despite multiple requests to back away.

Eventually the man shoved the paramedic, who pushed back, but was then caught in the face with a right hook from the woman’s desperate lover, cops said.


Cops are hunting the crooks who nabbed more than $3,000 worth of men’s fragrances from a Water Street fashion outlet amid two incidents spanning April 13 and 14.

On the first occasion, a group of four plunderers swept through the store between Fulton and John streets at 8:28 pm, and grabbed no-less-than 28 bottles of ritzy man smell, cops said.

The following day, a woman entered the retailer at 5:06 pm, and, acting alone, nabbed another 19 bottles of guy perfume, according to police.


Someone swiped a woman’s pricey Rolex watch as she worked up a sweat inside a Murray Street gym on April 12.

The victim told police that she left her $5,000 Rolex on a treadmill inside the fitness center between W. Broadway and Church Street at 8 am, and, realizing her mistake, returned an hour later to find her timepiece stolen.


Two thieves stole a woman’s wallet as she labored at a Harrison Street fashion boutique on April 13.

The victim told police that she was in the stockroom of the retail outlet between Greenwich and Hudson streets at 5:40 pm, while the dirty duo snuck behind the counter out front where she’d left her wallet.

The woman only had $5 in her wallet, but her credit cards were used to fuel an illicit spending spree, cops said.


Cops arrested a man for allegedly slashing and stabbing another man — in the butt — on West Broadway on April 9.

The victim told police that he was near West Houston Street at 12:43 am, when the suspect slashed him across the abdomen and then stabbed him multiple times on the buttocks.

The suspect fled following the attack, but cops spotted him as they scoured the area and were later able to recover the knife, according to police.

 — Colin Mixson


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  1. I am a regular reader of the police blotter. I think it’s a great service to the community. It would be great if somehow DE could put a map together of where incidents take place to identify “hot spots” worthy of extra care. I can understand the hesitancy as it might impact the local residents – but they should know too!

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