Police Blotter, week of Oct. 8, 2015

A sketch of the suspect accused of threatening to stab women on the 1 train. Image courtesy NYPD.

A sketch of the suspect accused of threatening to stab women on the 1 train. Image courtesy NYPD.

Women on 1 train targeted
Police are looking for a male suspect who ripped off two women — hurting one and threatening to stab both — on the 1 train in Lower Manhattan last month.

In the first incident, on Tues., Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m., the man approached a 30-year-old woman on a southbound 1 train and threatened to cut her with some type of object while demanding money and her stuff, police say. She gave him $40 and he fled.

Six hours later, also a southbound 1 train, he went up to a woman, 29, and said he would stab her if she didn’t hand over her cash at about 1:30 a.m., according to police. Police say he then punched her in the face and chest, grabbed her iPhone from her hand and stole $48. He then fled. Police say she refused medical attention at the scene.

Police did not release the precise location of either incident, but they both occurred within the First Precinct, which covers stations from Houston St. to South Ferry on the 1 line.

The suspect is described as a male black in his early 40s, 5’10,” 160 pounds, with a thin build and pock marks under both eyes.

Assault at The Door
A 23-year-old man was followed, assaulted and then had his phone stolen by a fellow member of his youth center, police say.

The man had just left The Door, a Hudson Square center at 555 Broome St., on Wed., Sept. 23 at 5:10 p.m. After he started walking, he realized that three men, also from The Door, were following him. He ducked into Argo Electronics at 391 Canal St. to try to hide, but the three men followed him in.

One of the three, who is 28, brandished a knife, and then punched the victim in the face and kicked him in the leg, police say. He then stole the victim’s $150 LG cellphone, police say, and fled the scene with his friends.

Burberry snatch
Two women nabbed five scarves worth $2,375 from a Soho shop and the whole theft was captured on film, police say.

After the Burberry store at 131 Spring St. realized the five scarves were gone, footage was viewed. On Mon., Oct. 5 at a little after 2 p.m., the video showed two women — both described as around 20, 5’6” and 135 pounds — working together, police say. One woman grabbed the pricey scarves while the other kept lookout and told her to “hurry up.” A male employee, 43, told police he heard the woman telling her confederate to hurry. Police say the women didn’t touch anything at the store.

Victoria’s Secret woes
For the Victoria’s Secret at 591 Broadway in Soho, it has become a familiar refrain: shoplifters go in and steal thousands worth of bras or panties.

The latest incident was on Sun., Oct. 4 at around 6 p.m. when three women and one man grabbed 390 panties and 50 T-shirts valued at $5,490. Earlier this year in March, over $3,000 worth of underwear was stolen. In October last year, the store was hit twice in that month with $6,700 worth of bras and underwear purloined.

Bike thief dismantles scaffolding
Two Biria bikes, valued at $1,800, were stolen by a thief who unscrewed bars attached to scaffolding to get at them, police say.

A Tribeca woman, 28, thought she had secured the two bikes when she locked them to scaffolding in front of 395 Broadway on Thurs., Sept. 24 at 11 p.m., police say. She underestimated the resourcefulness of the thief, who proceeded to unscrew the metal bars attached to the scaffolding to free the bikes and take off with them. When the woman came back the next day at 8 a.m., the bikes were gone, police say.

 Distraction ploy
Two Soho shoplifters used the “distract the employee” strategy to make off with $3,070 worth of clothing two weekends ago, police say.

A female employee, 21, told police that the two men came into the high-end male and female boutique International Playground at 463 Broome St. on Sun., Sept. 27 at 12:20 p.m. The men proceeded to ask her for a different jacket size and when she went upstairs to get it, the thieves swiped two black leather jackets and three sweaters, police say. When the employee came back, they were gone.

Stolen camera
A Seaport resident isn’t really sure how his expensive camera and lens — worth $2,000 — were stolen from his car.

The man, 27, told police that he parked his 2002 black Jeep Wrangler on Sun., Sept. 20 at noon at 247 Water St. When he returned the next day at 8 a.m., his Canon camera and four Nikon lens were gone. He told police he is unsure if he left the car unlocked or if left the pricey equipment on top of the Jeep.


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