Under Cover, Week of Sept. 10, 2015

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess Workers constructing a fashion show tent on Pier 26 last week.

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess
Workers constructing a fashion show tent on Pier 26 last week.

We’re quite sure we at UnderCover will never be consulted for fashion advice, but we’re starting to wonder if black has a chance to become the new black given how we’re being kept in the dark for the Fashion Week show on Tribeca’s Pier 26 on Sept.11.

By the look of things, it will be a Givenchy show there, but the Hudson River Park Trust, which manages the, ahem, public park that includes the pier, would not even confirm the date to us, despite several inquiries. One worker erecting the monstrous tent last week said he heard Cirque du Soleil would be performing, but he’s our only source on that.

Presumably noise at the Pier 26 show will be kept under control. Two years ago, Madelyn Wils, the Trust’s C.E.O. and a Tribecan, apologized to her neighbors for a loud concert series on the pier and hired an acoustics consultant to prevent future problems.

Linked Out
And while we’re talking about the Hudson River Park Trust, we didn’t get a chance to chat with Connie Fishman, executive director of the Governors Island Alliance, when she came to Community Board 1 last week to talk about volunteering on Manhattan isle’s isle, but her appearance did prompt us to look at what she’s been up to since she left as C.E.O. of the Trust four years ago.

Before joining the Alliance, she was also a real estate exec with the YMCA of Greater New York, but psst, don’t tell LinkedIn, which still has her at the Trust.

Is it possible that the online networking site is not as crucial to securing new employment as it would have you believe?

Colbert Downtown
Two tidbits in case you missed the Tuesday premiere of Stephen Colbert hosting the “Late Show.” One was one of the lines we liked: He told Jeb Bush that after playing a narcissistic, conservative pundit, he is now just a narcissist. The other: Lower Manhattan played a prominent role in the show’s opening with aerial shots of the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty.

Since we mentioned the One World Trade Center tower, let us explain our use of the F-word, which was officially dropped by the Port Authority a good number of years ago, almost like it was an obscenity.

It’s not that we’re a fan of the name picked by former Gov. George Pataki for the symbolic 1,776-foot tower that some thought would be designed by Daniel Libeskind (for the record, it was David Childs). We get the resistance to the name — too jingoistic or bad marketing are the most common reasons, but the fact is, the name is still the most commonly used.

And with apologies to Janis Joplin fans, “freedom’s just another word,” when a tower doesn’t have a better  name.

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