Letters, Week of June 18, 2015

Notes from a leader

To The Editor:
Re “Odd Politics” (UnderCover June 4 – 17):

I apologize to the editors for not getting back in a timely manner with comments on my race for Democratic district leader in the 66th Assembly district, Part B.

A Democratic district leader is a nonpaying Democratic Party position. That being said, we have many duties and a lot of meetings. We are volunteers and work very hard. A lot of elected officials like to say what they have done, but I won’t say what I have done. This is because I am a part of a collaborative effort. I couldn’t have done anything without support.

However, I will say we have built a beautiful community. I’ve served many years on the board of the Washington Market Park, before the New York City Parks Dept. took it over. I served on the Community Education Council District 2, and I’m one of the original members of Assemblymember Sheldon Silver’s Task Force on School Overcrowding.

 I am a proven leader that gets things done and have a good working relationship with all of our elected officials. My mom always taught me that self-praise stinks. Therefore in the coming months I will let our elected officials speak of my work and my ability to get things done.

Sometimes elections can be downright dirty. Sometimes negative campaigning works. In this case, I can’t see how the people I’ve worked with and for could be fooled.  I would like to close and say that I love my community, that I’ve raised two beautiful daughters here, and that my wife and I are proud grandparents.
John R. Scott 
Democratic district leader

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2 Responses to Letters, Week of June 18, 2015

  1. Endorsed by New York State Assembly Member, Deborah Glick. Posted by John R Scott Democratic District Leader
    “Jean Grillo and John Scott have worked along side me on so many of the issues affecting our community. They were by my side with us in the Fight against NYU expansion, banning fracking, school overcrowding, historic preservation, income equality, and marriage equality.
    Jean and John stood up for us then and now I ask that you stand with them again. Sign their petitions now!"

    New York State Assembly Member, Deborah Glick

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