Under Cover April 9 – 22, 2015: Silver aide retires, Hillary fever Downtown

Photo by Robert Braunfeld, courtesy of the Gateway Plaza Tenants Association Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly last year with Paul Goldstein.

Photo by Robert Braunfeld, courtesy of the Gateway Plaza Tenants Association
Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly last year with Paul Goldstein.

Silver fallout
Paul Goldstein, director of Assemblymember Shelly Silver’s district office, has just retired but he continues to work part time at the same job.

Goldstein, 60, did not refer directly to Silver’s federal indictment on corruption charges Wednesday, but he did tell UnderCover the change is good for him and for Silver, who has a reduced payroll now that he is no longer Assembly speaker.

“I still do the work I love,” he said. “I believe in this kind of work. I believe in this community.  I love working for Shelly.”

Goldstein, a Southbridge Towers resident, has worked for Silver for over eight years, and before that he was district manager of Community Board 1 for 23.

He said he will continue working on getting more schools built and trying to solve other community problems in the half-time position. He will get his regular pension and said he did not get any incentives to retire early.

The move also gives him more time to take care of his ailing father, who lives in Brooklyn.

He said when the news first broke in January, there was a lot of uncertainly, but things have gotten back to normal. He also said Silver’s spirits are “generally good.” 

At first, “we weren’t sure what was going on — it was a surprise to a lot of people.”

But one longtime Silver supporter, John Quinn, a local Democratic leader, said he worries that worthy Downtown non-profits will have budgets cuts with Silver’s loss of power.  He’s also heard things are far from normal internally.

“Their office is virtually in lockdown understandably,” he said. “People are looking for other jobs.”

Tall Tales?
In February, developer of the proposed tower at 111 Murray St. in Tribeca said it was 740 feet. In March, it quickly grew over a hundred feet to 857, according to zoning diagrams filed with the city Dept. of Buildings.

What gives, we wondered, and spent a few weeks getting no answers from the P.R. team.

At Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee meeting on Feb. 11, the project executive for the developer, Fisher Brothers, Alex Adams, said the plan was to build 740 feet despite reports to the contrary from the real estate blogosphere.  Renderings are still not available for the as-of-right building, although there are some drawings floating around the web. At least it is not the rendering that terrified people with its multi-shaped top that looked like a platform for the aliens, for when they finally decide to invade.

Michael Levine, zoning guru, C.B. 1 consulting planner and former City Planning Dept. vet, cautioned against making too much of the height discrepancy, saying it was standard practice for developers to file for structures larger than they may end up building.

Hillary Fever
Democratic District Leader Jenifer Rajkumar tells us the last “Ready for Hillary” event before the expected presidential campaign announcement of Hillary Clinton likely will be in Battery Park City Sat., April 11, at SouthWest NY.

The Big Lady herself can’t and won’t be showing up, Rajkumar said, because she is not allowed to coordinate with the “Ready” political action committee, but honored guests include U.S. Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, as well as Gale Brewer, Manhattan’s beep.

Rajkumar, the co-chairperson of the PAC’s National Millennial Council, said others with the PAC have started to join the campaign-to-be, but she has “no current plans to do so.”

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3 Responses to Under Cover April 9 – 22, 2015: Silver aide retires, Hillary fever Downtown

  1. Paul Goldstein's retirement should be more than a small mention. . His legacy is longer. His accomplishments as a great community servant and organizer may be unparalleled. . Readers may miss the part that he was district manager of community board one for 23 years. I think he was assistant district manager before that . Paul worked for years on many projects .It was only natural for him to join Shelly for the last eight years. Together with Shelly at helm, Paul at his side and amonst many people things got done.

    From the negotiations to build PS 234 to the formation of the little leagues to the building of the development of parcel 5B/5C. That is also known as the downtown community center to the variance that built PS 89 . I hope Paul continues to help out this community in many ways that he knows how.
    Bob Townley Executive Director Manhattan Youth

    • I totally agree, I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Goldstein since 1976,and yes he was an assistant district manager before be coming the District Manager. There is not enough space to write all the things Paul was a leader on in the last 40 years. I think all the community leaders that worked with Paul should write comments.
      I worked with Paul and Bob as the First Chair of the Youth Committee on CB 1..All the things you see that pertains to youth,schools and parks ,Paul had a leadership role in .I worked with Paul on Housing issues, as a Past President of the IPNTA.I can go on and on but I will let other Community Organizer comment.
      Thanks Paul,
      John R Scott
      Democratic District Leader

  2. I may first have worked with Paul Goldstein on Lower Manhattan Loft Tenant issues, later at the Hudson River Park Conservancy Advisory Board, then with the Tribeca Organization after 9/11 and most recently with the Seaport Working Group. Paul has played an important role in shaping Downtown Manhattan and should be acknowledged for same.

    Michael Kramer

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