Letters, Week of Dec. 4, 2014


To The Editor:
Re: “New Tower plan disappoints opponents” (News Article, Nov. 20-Dec. 4):

Imagine you are one of the many millions of visitors to New York City and among the unique places you came to visit is the last actual historical Seaport site at South Street where the first settlements and piers grew in the earliest days and now remaining with nineteenth century buildings, multi-use museum, piers, ships, shops, tours, special celebrations.

If the current Howard Hughes Development Corp. controlling lessee (without bidding now for 56 years) is allowed to continue with its recently released plans for the historical district, visitors will experience a modern glass cube upscale mall now replacing Pier 17, a 494 foot mixed-use skyscraper in the river next to it, adjoining that a large, plush movieplex theater, the Seaport Museum moved from its current immediate viewing historical, activities buildings to another debasing location, basically replacing the old irreplaceable reality with another upscale, riverside expensive mall.

So what do we do when a huge real estate developer is given commercial control for almost nothing (3.50 a foot for priceless land whose market worth is at least hundreds a foot) with no provision to maintain or support it by a billionaire former mayor’s appointee to head the Economic Development Corp. directly responsible who has direct ties with Hughes Corp.?

As a proud people, we know a part of who we are and become is the result of knowing who we were and that is why history is taught and revered everywhere. The people of New York and its government should not allow calculating business interests to destroy the remaining real N.Y.C. historical symbol, the South Street Seaport (as was fought against and prevented in San Francisco

The Hughes Corp. is on the march:

One if by land (grabbing),

Two if by Seaport (destruction),

Three takes it all almost free.
Sy Schleimer

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3 Responses to Letters, Week of Dec. 4, 2014

  1. Diane Harris Brown

    I can only second Sy Schleimer's comments. He speaks like a true New Yorker who sincerely appreciates the city's
    irreplacable historic artifacts. If we can somehow stay the grasping hand of EDC/HHC, there might just be something left for our grandchildren to experience.

    Otherwise, we might as well just consign the birth of free trade in NYC to another page in the search engines of the future. If we want to give future generations educational experiences, save the South Street Seaport Museum, set up a branch of the Harbor School, re-create an authentic public market — let them breathe and touch history.

  2. FriendofSStSeaport

    Progression: South Street Seaport Historic District
    See / Change
    Seaport District NYC
    Howard Hughes Corporate District
    Time for HHC to Walk. Just say 'NO'.

  3. I live on Long Island. I am a fan of this historic seaport especially because it's a rare remnant of Old New York. Can we actually say that there is a shortage of "modern" high-rise office buildings in Manhattan? Don't let major corporations control the look and feel of my favorite city in the world!

    Please don't ruin my trips to the seaport and Brooklyn Bridge. Stop the Howard Hughes Corporation (if Hughes was still alive, he would not have liked what his company is doing, IMO).

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