Letters, Week of Nov. 6, 2014

Stormy weather thoughts

To The Editor:
Re “2 years after Sandy, who will get shelter from the storm? Only some Downtown” (DowntownExpress.com, Oct. 29, 2014):

What is being planned will help, but it won’t solve the long-term problems of climate change and storm surges. The problem keeps getting worse.

Congress refuses to deal with the problem. The National Weather Service is woefully understaffed, the insurance companies are not writing flood insurance policies, the repair work from Sandy is taking much too long and it is questionable if much of it will ever be completed. 

Why is Europe so far ahead of us in dealing with its flooding problems?  They have 50-year plans for the future that they are dealing with now; they are not playing catch up as we are.
Robert Trentlyon

Editor’s Notes: A similar version of this article is in this current edition.  Robert Trentlyon is a former publisher of Downtown Express, and in recent years, he has been focusing on the need for better storm protection in New York City.

To The Editor:
Re “After Sandy, city & local leaders say they’re ready to help vulnerable in next emergency” (news article, Oct. 23- Nov.5):

What about elder activities? Safe walking conditions sure would be nice. So would helping elders get to civic meetings where they could speak about such basic needs. 

Hope you will also get aboard saving small businesses — an effort so needed by everyone for a livable city.
Bette Dewing

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