Crackdown on cyclists

Downtown Express photo by Tequila Minsky

Downtown Express photo by Tequila Minsky

On Thurs., Aug. 21, around 4 p.m., a police officer in an unmarked car slapped a cyclist with a ticket on Sixth Ave. just south of Prince St. The officer would not divulge to Downtown Express what the offense was, saying the ticket was “confidential.” Police recently conducted Operation Safe Cycle, a two-week blitz targeting cyclists that ended Tues., Aug. 26. However, cycling advocates criticized the initiative as little more than “shooting fish in a barrel.” Ben Fried, of Streetsblog, wrote, “It seems like police know how to stake out locations where they can rack up a lot of easy tickets — places where cyclists tend to break the rules without riding recklessly.”

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  1. It is really knowledgeable and informative post, Cops has to stop cycle riders who are riding cycles irrationally, It could harm any other people's of road and some times collision would be terrible so cops has to be alert to stop this types of rashly riders.

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