Anti-Israeli protesters come Downtown

Downtown Express photos by Jefferson Siegel

Downtown Express photos by Jefferson Siegel

On Thursday evening, July 24, several hundred people including many Jews gathered in Foley Square for an anti-Israeli rally. The names of over 100 children killed in Gaza were read aloud as several people stretched out a long tape bearing the names and ages of the dead. 

_DNC5607The rally was organized by Adalah-NY and called for, “an end to the U.S. government’s and New York City elected officials’ support for Israel’s current massacre in Gaza, and Israel’s ongoing occupation and colonization of Palestine,” according to a release by the group.


Israel and its supporters say the responsibility for the deaths on both sides rests squarely on Hamas, which has hidden weapons in schools, and has continued to target rockets at civilian areas in Israel.  

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2 Responses to Anti-Israeli protesters come Downtown

  1. You say "including several Jews" Please know that the Jews depicted in this picture are from the Extreme Satmir Sect of Chassic Jews. They do not believe in Israel only when it comes to the Messiah coming, they also feel Hebrew should only be spoken when reading the Torah. They do NOT represent the Majority of Jews. Please get your facts straight before reporting such nonsense. The Majority of Jews Stand behind Israel and so should you, especially if you value free speech. Ask Hamas what free speech means to them you morons!!!

    • Josh Rogers, Editor

      There were in fact many self-identified Jews at this rally including some who are not members of the Satmar sect. That fact does not in any way suggest that most Jews oppose Israel's recent actions in Gaza which is why we did not report that.

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