Something even higher than God’s Love — a luxury building

Works in progress: One Vandam, left, and the project at the God's Love We Deliver site.   Downtown Express photo.

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON   |  The skyline is rapidly changing around Spring St. and Sixth Ave.

On the corner, God’s Love We Deliver is rebuilding and vertically expanding its Soho headquarters.

Meanwhile, just to the north — and getting a boost from a transfer of air rights from the do-gooding, hot-meals provider — One Vandam, a new 25-unit luxury apartment building, is swiftly rising. 

The 14-story project’s Web site lists four units still available, including two penthouses with four bedrooms each. One penthouse has 5,300 square feet and is going for $28 million, the other, with 3,400 square feet, is priced at $15 million. Two units on lower floors are being offered for a mere $6.2 million and $6.5 million.

A group of residents called the South Village Neighbors is still battling the project. 

“We have recently retained new counsel and continue to explore legal remedies to the dubious air rights transfer that permitted this massive, out-of-scale and out-of-context building,” said Micki McGee. “The challenges are formidable in such a fight, and the failure of the Landmarks Preservation Commission to protect the full South Village as a landmarked district in time to prevent this calamity is one that is likely to impact residents for years to come. 

“The entire South Village, including the triangle South of Houston St., should be landmarked immediately to prevent further damage to this beautiful, low-scale residential neighborhood,” McGee said. “This is not a place for towers. Not at 180 Sixth Ave. [the actual address of One Vandam], not at 78 Sullivan St., and not on another lot in our beautiful, but vanishing, neighborhood.

“The ad copy for One Vandam is ‘SOHO. ELEVATED.’ We say the South Village is being decimated,” McGee said.

“God’s Love We Deliver should rightly change their name to God’s Love We Develop for their part in this disaster of overdevelopment.”


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