Powerful come to see Chin sworn in at Chinatown school

Councilmember Chin, raised her hand with Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito, at Chin's swearing in ceremony Jan. 5. At left is Councilmember Brad Lander and Borough President Gale Brewer. Downtown Express photo by Sam Spokony.

Councilmember Chin raised her hand with Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito, right, at Chin’s swearing in ceremony Jan. 5. At left is Councilmember Brad Lander and Borough President Gale Brewer. Downtown Express photo by Sam Spokony.

BY SAM SPOKONY | After winning a tough re-election campaign against a much younger opponent with little political experience, Councilmember Margaret Chin showed off her own strong political ties as she entered a second term at her inauguration Sunday.

Chin, who defeated Jenifer Rajkumar by 17 points in the Democratic primary and then ran unopposed in the general election, celebrated her second swearing-in alongside key figures in the city’s new administration, other councilmembers as well as local, state and federal officials at P.S. 130 in Chinatown.

City Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito — who has been claiming for weeks she has the votes to be elected speaker Wed., Jan. 8 — attended, and Chin proudly said “she’s my choice for speaker.”

Newly elected Public Advocate Letitia James and Comptroller Scott Stringer — who’d worked closely with Chin in their previous roles as Councilmember and Manhattan Borough President, respectively — led the event off with strong words of support for Chin, and their sentiments were later joined by an appearance from Emma Wolfe, the newly appointed director of intergovernmental affairs for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“She’s a powerhouse, and that’s why I love her dearly,” said James.

In other remarks at the event, Chin was also praised — always professionally, but sometimes on a deeply personal level — by Sen. Chuck Schumer, House Representatives Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Borough President Gale Brewer, and State Sen. Daniel Squadron.

“What we can say about Margaret is this: No one put a silver spoon in her mouth, and no one plucked her up and put her into high office,” said Schumer, who, among other things, would go on describe Chin as a “tiger” when it came to her persistence in securing disaster recovery aid after Hurricane Sandy.

“Margaret, you have earned all this,” Schumer declared.

In her own remarks after being sworn in ceremonially Jan.5, Chin proclaimed her support for de Blasio’s universal pre-K plan — although its accompanying tax hike may now have trouble getting the green light from Governor Cuomo — as well as pledging to create more affordable housing and also to continue pressuring the city to deal with public school overcrowding issues Downtown.

“We have to build more schools so that our children will not have to be on a waiting list for kindergarten,” said Chin.

Since the inauguration took place at P.S. 130, on Baxter St., Chin noted that she had, in many ways, come full circle in her career. A half-century ago, she attended that same school as a young girl.

“And now here I am, at P.S. 130, where I first learned English and graduated in 1965,” she said. “I truly could not have imagined then that I would someday be lucky enough to represent this district that I love.”


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8 Responses to Powerful come to see Chin sworn in at Chinatown school

  1. I met her! She is amazing.

  2. congrats Chin, but I hope Jenifer Rajkumar runs again in the future

  3. Tribeca 4 life

    Amazing! Margaret was a fantastic conucilmember who ran a fantastic campaign. Here's to 4 more years of Chin!

  4. And a very strong advocate and representative of the tenants of Knickerbocker Village. Thank you Margaret!

  5. Margaret has been neither amazing nor strong as a representative. Most of us involved in community issues know this. Nevertheless, she is our rep and we are committed to working with her going forward. Hopefully Margaret learned from this year's tough primary fight that if she does not take the side of the community and fight for us first, we will not stand for it. Here's hoping for new, improved representation from Chin these next 4 years.

  6. This is like the convention of political hacks. So sad. Chin has been completely ineffective as a rep.

  7. Rudolph Rassendyll

    Margaret Chin is an excellent representative for parts of her district; she sometimes ignores other parts. An indicator: When Margaret announced from the steps of Independence Plaza, most of the people in the — tight — photograph were Chinese, and not from this part of the district. Margaret is a nice person, and she stands for important things. She does not, however, fight strongly for many things of importance to parts of this community. Like most legislators, whose powers are limited mostly to fiscal control, she is — has told me this — terrified that in forcing a stalemate with, e. g., the mayor, using that single power, the city might be put in the hands of the fiscal control board again. Using power is always a problem, but fear of doing so is still more of a problem.

  8. Obviously, some of Chin’s shills and political cronies are pushing her propaganda on this comment section.

    To find out what the average voter thinks of her, read what her constituents from the Village think of her inauguration.

    Then read this and people’s comments. http://thevillager.com/2014/01/09/judge-says-city

    The Villager reporter asked Chin what she had to say about the tremendous legal victory of the community in defeating NYU’s grandiose expansion plan that restored to the community the parkland that Chin tried to give to NYU to build 1.9 million sq.ft (Empire State Bldg is 2.4 million sq. ft.)

    Chin’s reply “No Comment”

    No Comment – at the victory of the the people over the 1% real-estate developers.

    Margaret Chin = never saw a developer she never liked.

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