Police Blotter, Dec. 18, 2013

Late night burglar
Police are searching for an unidentified man they believe is responsible for a string of overnight burglaries in the Downtown area.

Two of the incidents took place between the night of Dec. 1 and the morning of Dec. 2, at two restaurants located in the same Financial District building.

The man, who was wearing a tag around his neck and carrying a flashing, according to video surveillance footage, broke into Dave’s Hoagies at 26 Cedar St. and rifled through several file cabinets, but apparently took nothing, police said. That same night, he also attempted to gain access, on the other side of the building, to Ise, a Japanese restaurant at 56 Pine St., but was unsuccessful.

Then, the burglar struck again between the night of Dec. 5 and the morning of Dec. 6, this time at a Soho restaurant.

Employees of the Aurora Soho, at 510 Broome St., told cops that $3,000 in cash was missing when they opened shop that morning, although there were no signs of forced entry. Video footage revealed that it was the same man, still with the tag around his neck, that had gained unauthorized access to the restaurant.

Meaty thief
A hungry thief stole around 150 pounds of meat from a delivery truck that was parked in the Financial District early on Dec. 6, police said.

The driver told cops he was parked on Liberty St., between Nassau and William Sts., around 6 a.m. while making a delivery to a nearby store. While its doors were unlocked, a thief apparently took advantage and swiped the five boxes of cold cuts, valued at $800, from the back of the truck.

The driver never got a look at the beef burglar, and police say they don’t have an video footage of the incident, so the whereabouts of the cold cuts remain a mystery.

Rolex stolen
An unfortunate man paid the price for his forgetfulness on Dec. 8, after he lost his $8,000 watch at a gym in the Financial District.

The man, 29, was playing squash at New York Health and Raquet Club, at 39 Whitehall St., around noon that day, and placed his gold and silver Rolex in cubbyhole to keep it away from the action, police said. But when he packed up and went home, he left the pricey watch behind.

The squash player, who is a Downtown resident, didn’t realize the Rolex was missing until about two hours later, after he’d gotten home. He tried calling the gym to see if it was still there, and later returned to the scene to look for it — but by that time, the timepiece was long gone.

Underwear thieves struck twice in one day at a Victoria’s Secret outlet in Soho, police said. Around 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 8, a man and four women strolled into the store at 591 Broadway, snatched up $3,700 worth of bras and panties, and walked right back out, according to cops. And then, around 4:30 p.m., a woman — reportedly not one of the previous four — pulled the same act, quickly grabbing $1,100 worth of underwear and dashing out the door.

Employees of the store never saw the shoplifters, but realized that multiple items were missing during an end-of-day inventory. Cops were then called in to check the video surveillance tapes, after which they spotted the two separate incidents.

— Sam Spokony

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  1. Its disgusting, especially about the Meaty thief, what the hell is these guys are up to? They are doing the jobs of Criminals in the uniforms of Police… Is there anyone to check?

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