Josephine restaurant reopens

Snapshot 2013-12-18 16-09-33BY SAM SPOKONY | Tribeca’s Josephine restaurant reopened last Friday, after city officials had shut it down for nine days due to rats and roaches in the kitchen.

The restaurant at 40 Harrison St. was closed by the Dept. of Health on Dec. 4 when a regularly scheduled inspection revealed the infestation, along with the fact that the French restaurant was carrying an expired food service permit.

A follow-up D.O.H. inspection was conducted last Thursday, according to Jessica Prabaharan, a manager at Josephine’s. The restaurant apparently received a clean bill of health — or clean enough, at least — and was allowed to reopen the next day.

Prabaharan declined to comment on what kind of financial impact the closure had on the business, and Josephine’s owner couldn’t be reached for comment.

A D.O.H. letter grade for the restaurant is still pending.

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