Police blotter, week of Oct. 30, 2013

Man hit with stick

Police arrested a man on Oct. 22 for hitting someone in the head with a stick on a Tuesday evening.

The assailant, a 23-year-old, was charged with assault after police said he whacked a 49-year-old man on the sidewalk. The victim had been working and was walking along State St. at about 6 p.m. last Tuesday, according to police. He was attacked and hit in the head opposite 17 State St., causing a  minor injury.

The victim refused medical treatment at the scene, police reported, though there were Emergency Medical Service workers present.


Film shoot become crime scene

A Tribeca film shoot became the scene of a crime when one of the crew had her belongings stolen from  her car parked nearby, police said.

The vehicle was stationed at 323 Church St. on the afternoon of Thurs., Oct. 3, the 56-year-old woman  reported to police recently. She said she had parked it there while unloading plants for the movie set.

She said she had unpacked the greenery at about noon. At 2 p.m., noticed that her purse was missing from the floor of the front passenger’s side where it had been sitting.

The black Baggalinni tote bag, valued at $100, also contained a $600 silver iPad, a pair of Ray Ban  sunglasses with prescription lenses valued at over $500 and a notebook. She told police that she was  unsure if there were cameras near where she had parked.

Guitar zero

A couple of professional guitars were stolen from a musician’s trunk on Saturday, Oct. 12, police reported.

The New Jersey man, 24, told police that he had placed two guitars in the trunk of his car and driven over to his girlfriend’s Soho apartment at about 9 p.m. He said he had parked nearby at West Broadway and Prince St., and left his sedan overnight until 10:30 the next morning. When he came back out to the car, he told police that he noticed the two instruments, a $699 Fender Jaguar HH Electric and a  $550 Martin Acoustic, were gone.

Police who looked at the vehicle reported that there were no signs of a break in — other than the  missing instruments, that is. They said the locks did not looked tampered with, and the glass was not broken. The victim said that he had locked his car and did not hear the alarm go off.

According to police, none of the cameras in the area were pointed toward his parking spot.

A grand Perfume heist

A shoplifter at a popular beauty supply store managed to come out smelling like roses, or similar fragrances, after managing to get away with over $1,000 in perfume.

An employee of Sephora, located at 555 Broadway, reported that the incident occurred on Mon., Oct.  21. He said a tall man wearing a black baseball cap and sweater entered the store at precisely 8:23 p.m.

The man took 11 bottles of perfume from the shelves before walking out of the store without paying.

The items were valued at $1,115, the employee said. A security tape showing the thief was submitted along with the report, police said.


Rush hour robber

Those crowded subway cars are the perfect environment for someone to get handsy, as a Yonkers woman discovered when her fellow straphanger managed to pocket her cell phone.

The 32-year-old woman told police that on Mon., Oct. 21, she had entered the subway system at Fulton  St. and boarded an Uptown 4 Train at about 4 p.m. She was listening through her headphones to her iPhone. As she boarded the train, she was crammed in and a male passenger was pressed up against  her. She said he remained pressed against her until the next stop where he suddenly pushed his way out  of the car and ran out into the subway station at Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall. The woman immediately  checked her pockets, she said, realized that the thief had taken her $400 iPhone while somehow  managing to disconnect her it from her headphones, which were still in her ears.

Two other passengers, noting her distress, told her they had seen the man flee off of the platform already. Police were unable to track the device.

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