A good cross to bear

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess

Downtown Express photo by Josh Rogers

Downtown Express photo by Josh Rogers

An out of order sign usually isn’t a sign that things are moving back to order, let alone two signs, but such was the case at Vesey and West Sts. last week. The newer sign said the elevator to the pedestrian bridge was closed but it also said the street-level crossing opened Wed. Oct. 2. The crossing near the World Trade Center had been closed most of the last 12 years to keep people safe during 9/11 cleanup and reconstruction. With enough of the work now completed, the Port Authority was able to reopen the crossing, and this week it began dismantling the bridge. A pedestrian safety monitor last week said he had been transferred one block west from Church St. and that more monitors had been hired to cover the new crossing option.

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