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ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED SEPT. 11, 2013  | BY JOSH ROGERS with KAITLYN MEADE  |   Councilmember Margaret Chin handily won her reelection primary Tuesday night, beating Jenifer Rajkumar with 58.5 percent of the vote.

Chin told a cheering crowd in Chinatown that she looked forward to “building new schools. We’re going to start building more affordable housing starting with the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area.”

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who stood with her on stage, said: “Thank you for giving me someone I can work with again at City Hall that we can continue to be the dynamic duo that we’ve been.”

Councilmember Margaret Chin celebrated her victory Tuesday night with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Downtown Exoress photo by Kaitlyn Meadee

Councilmember Margaret Chin celebrated her victory Tuesday night with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Downtown Exoress photo by Kaitlyn Meadee

A few blocks from the Chatham Square Restaurant victory party, Rajkumar conceded defeat.

She told Downtown Express she would “absolutely” support Chin in the general election, which is considered a foregone conclusion in the overwhelmingly Democratic Council district.

The returns will not be certified until next week, but the count for Chin now stands at 8,303 compared to Rajkumar’s 5,891.

Like her election four years ago, Chin won big in Chinatown, but she also won some of the biggest housing complexes elsewhere.

In Southbridge Towers near the Seaport, she won 329-270 according to the initial machine vote tally.

“She’s always around and she seems hard working and sincere,” Stacey Shub, a young Southbridge mother, said of Chin.

John Scott, an Independence Plaza tenant leader and a strong Chin supporter, said Chin won the Tribeca complex by about 20 votes.

Rajkumar appeared to do best in the Village and Soho, where residents were upset with Chin on a number of issues including her support for New York University expansion and a Business Improvement District.

Chin voters tended to cite her experience, while Rajkumar’s support came from people who thought Chin is too close to developers.

“Well she’s not associated with the real estate industry like Margaret Chin,” said Nancy Todd, a senior citizen who moved into the neighborhood now known as Tribeca over three decades ago.

Chin was helped by funding from a real estate funded PAC, which was one of Rajkumar’s chief criticisms.

“We waged a formidable challenge against a multi-million dollar PAC,” Rajkumar said after her concession.

Rajkumar said Wednesday she won her reelection bid to continue to be a Democratic district leader in Battery Park City and other parts of Lower Manhattan, beating Robin Forst 1,484 – 883.

She had said Tuesday that if she prevailed she wanted to work with Chin.

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9 Responses to VIDEO: Chin wins reelection

  1. Rajkumar seemed nothing more than an opportunist from day one.

  2. Yes, Jenifer saw the opportunity to actually serve all the constituents in CD1, and that was, and is (as District Leader), what she will continue to do for Lower Manhattan.

    The REBNY real estate PAC polluted this council election with over $300,000 (twice as much as each candidate was individually allowed to spend. $250,000 was spent by REBNY in "support" of Chin while the real estate cabal spent over $50,000 to throw mud at Jenifer.

    The post above from "reason" shows that the dirt used by REBNY in CD1 worked.

    But that's in the past, and now Councilmember Chin must show, by her actions, that zoning, land use & landmarking in CD1 will move forward in a responsible manner, and that Chin's give aways to developers will come to an end.

  3. Reason gives an unreasonable reason. Jennifer Rajkumar ran an honest campaign and from the reported results got a lot of support. She was relatively unknown which indicates that Margaret Chin created a lot of enemies along the way during her lst term.

  4. It bothers me that Council Member Chin has a close political relationship with Sheldon Silver because he has allowed his assembly members vito lopez and micah kelner and others to get away with sexual alleged harassment of women (and male?) staffers without being investigated and or punished if guilty. Chin and Silver are known as the Dynamic Duo in Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Why?

  5. Chin could have negotiated for two new public schools–from the NYU 2031 Plan and the South Street Seaport-Hughes Corp deal– but she didn't. What does that tell you about Chin's commitment to a 1000 more downtown school seats?

  6. Judith Chazen Walsh

    Council Member Chin has an opportunity to serve all of her district by really listening, really hearing,
    and really meeting on all issues with her constituency publicly and openly

    Open the doors Margaret so we can see and hear what you are doing please

  7. Time For The Truth

    Now that the race is over, it is time to tell the truth: Chin deserved not to be re-elected, but the one person who ran against her didn't deserve to be elected. It was Candidate A, with the bad record, versus Candidate B, with the non-existant/falsified record. Here's hoping District 1 has better choices in 2017.

  8. Jenifer's a Hero

    Jenifer Rajkumar was an incredible candidate. 42% of the vote is an incredible amount for a candidate to get against an entrenched incumbent who outspent her 4 to 1 with real estate PAC money by the world's richest men.

    We can only hope that Jenifer Rajkumar continues on. She's brilliant, well educated, and has an impressive background for one so young. I hope we see her in office sometime soon.

  9. This is the race of the better candidate (Rajkumar) being beaten by big real estate money and the political machine, led by Silver and Chin. The machine and big real estate moguls spent a lot of money to smear Rajkumar with false largely sexist attacks. Our politics is in a dire state downtown, but thank you to Jenifer Rajkumar for fighting the good fight. Hopefully we see her in office soon.

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