NEW DEBATE VIDEO: Rajkumar & Chin clash on campaign financing

District leader Jenifer Rajkumar criticized her opponent, City Councilmember Margaret Chin, on Chin’s support from Jobs for New York, a PAC funded by the Real Estate Board of New York and others at the Aug. 22 debate sponsored by Downtown Express and The Villager. It was one of many points of contention between the two Democratic candidates for the City Council District 1 seat in Lower Manhattan. The debate was moderated by Josh Rogers and Lincoln Anderson, editors of Downtown Express and The Villager.

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7 Responses to NEW DEBATE VIDEO: Rajkumar & Chin clash on campaign financing

  1. Margaret can't seem to tell the truth when it comes to $$. If you look at the NYC Campaign Finance Board records, Chin is shown to be telling false stories when she says most of her $$ is coming from downtown locals. In fact, over half of Chin's contributors are from OUTSIDE Council District 1, with huge numbers from non-constituents located in Queens & Brooklyn (not to mention big $$ from officers & employees at the First American International Bank, with its HQ in Queens; that's the team that destroyed the 200 year old landmark at 135 Bowery where Chin so famously flip-flopped):

  2. More on Chin's $$ and where it comes from:

    NYC Campaign Finance Board website also shows that Chin's campaign has been propped up by over $170,000 in outside money from PACs, including the Real Estate Board of New York and it's falsely-titled "Jobs for NY" Real Estate / Developer PAC:

    Vote for Change in Council District 1:

    Vote for Jenifer Rajkumar on September 10

    • District 1 Voters:

      What incumbent Democrat in downtown Manhattan needs a Real Estate Board of New York-PAC to spend $170k in order to get her reelected? An incumbent who has done right by her constituents.

      But it doesn't end there. If Chin were to be reelected, all those big developers, including the ones who benefited from Chin's closed-door sweetheart deals: see NYU 2031, see the Chinatown and SoHo Business Improvement Districts, see Howard Hughes Corporation brought into the Southstreet Seaport, see SPURA (Chin campaigned on 100% affordable housing only to give away half to developers for luxury housing), and the list goes on, will be waiting primed for another four years of give-aways from Chin.

      Want to retain what is left of District 1 for the people of District 1, including its tenants, small business owners, and independent property owners?

      Vote Jenifer Rajkumar on September 10th, and spread the word.

  3. I am a Conservative living several blocks from SPURA and am no fan of either Margaret Chin or Jenifer Rajkuma. But Rajkuma is far worse than Chin. She is either living in a "Fantasy Land" or lying about SPURA. Her demand for 100% Affordable Housing is not happening. No one (unless it is taxpayers building more Projects), is going to foot the Bill for that. What will happen? Nothing will get built, and it will take another Decade (or more) until it does. There is a Project right by Ms. Rajkumar's Battery Park City, called 50 West St, that has been nothing but a pit for 30 Years. Finally, this year Construction will start on it. What happened? The owner sat on the land, until the time was right. If Ms. Rajkumar is unaware of something basically within walking distance of her, how can she really understand the LES, and the need to get rid of the eyesore Parking Garages (unless of course, she is lying just to get elected, which is possible)). The neighborhood is better off with 50% of something than 100% of nothing, and voting for Chin and SPURA, beats Rajkumar and NO SPURA.

  4. David: 50 West Street is a development site that was cleared a couple of years ago, stalled by the financial crash. Recent filings at the Department of Buildings show the the big tower planned for that site is now moving forward. 50 West is a privately held piece of land and has no connection to SPURA,. For you to throw it into the mix of Margaret Chin's failure & broken promise for SPURA 100 % affordable housing is specious.

    Margaret Chin has sold out CD1 over and over and over. Time for Change Downtown.

    Vote for Jenifer Rajkumar on September 10!!

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