MORE VIDEO: Chin & Rajkumar square off in Downtown Express debate

Part 1 of 3

Margaret Chin

Margaret Chin

Jenifer Rajkumar

Jenifer Rajkumar

Councilmember Margaret Chin and her Democratic primary opponent Jenifer Rajkumar had numerous heated exchanges Thursday August 22, 2013 in a debate sponsored by Downtown Express and The Villager. Watch the first video on N.Y.U. expansion and look for more clips later today.




Part 2 of 3


Part 3 of 3

Videos created and provided by Don Mathisen.

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16 Responses to MORE VIDEO: Chin & Rajkumar square off in Downtown Express debate

  1. Downtown Enthusiast

    I can't wait for this. Go Jenifer Rajkumar! Let's do it.

  2. Yehuddi Epstein

    Rajkumar is a super shiksa!

  3. why are so many people falling for Rajkumar? She is a sloganeering nitwit without substance. She doesn't have a clue!

    • Because Chin is a Hypocrite, liar and flip flopper who is doing the bidding for real estate interest.

      • Rajkumar was the only one with substance at the debate last night. Chin couldn't even name a book she liked! Rajkumar made smart points.

        • I don’t see how naming books or deciding whether Mets or Yankees or even naming your favorite part of the city has to do with the debate, but if you were there you would know that Chin was able to name a book, but didn’t because it was in Chinese. Please get your facts straight before saying that “Chin couldn’t even name a book she liked!”

  4. Following the Money

    Chin's contributions from the First American International Bank show numerous individual donations, ranging from $10 to $1,250 and totaling over $5,000. Patick Yau, Chief "Executive" at FAIB, has given Chin $2,250. Almost all the FAIB $$ comes from contributors that list addresses outside of Manhattan, with most showing Flushing and Brooklyn.

    You can find the info here at the NY Campaign Finance Bureau website:

    Searching that NYC CFB website, it can also be seen that nearly 500 of Chin's 958 contributors show an address outside of Manhattan (and over half Chin's money comes from outside of Manhattan, as well).

    That doesn't even touch on the $130,000 that REBNY / the Real Estate industry has spent to get Chin, their chosen candidate, re-elected.

  5. Carl Rosenstein

    Yes Chin, you have to be "in it" (Land Use) to know about it. From her first moment in office she devoted herself to real estate issues above all. The Chinatown BID secretly voted upon with aid from Bloombucks , and then opposed by a majority of Chinatown property owners, also usurped several blocks in south eastern Soho. Chin's clique has long had designs on this area with the rationale that one Chinese owned business on a block makes it Chinatown.
    Chin then set her sights on Soho with another BID, vociferously opposed by the community. Utilizing hundreds of hours of tax payer paid time for herself and her staff she acquainted herself with all of the big real estate players in Soho including sleazebag Joe Sitt who made a 60 million dollar killing in Coney Island with the aid of Bloombucks at taxpayer expense. Sitts playmate is Council Member Dominic Rechia who is the sponsor of the Soho BID. The sleaze thickens. Next in line was 135 Bowery, the historic Federal property owned by a Mainland (Communist) bank called FAIB. Chin obviously sold her soul to the devil-Quinn-in exchange for removing the landmark protection of that property (now conveniently destroyed and sold) for what was probably Chin's approval of the NYU ULURP.That process, another sham and charade, lip service to "democracy". Chin is little different than most of the slime that end up in office (and eventually indictment) in New York. Chin must go and when she's gone she will conveniently place herself as Executive Director of the Chinatown BID with a cushy salary of $150,000 at the expense of small business and property owners in Chinatown. Her 4 years of real estate hustling around the district, including the Seaport and Seward Park development will pay big dividends in her private sector afterlife. Hopefully the D.A. will catch up to her like those 30 other NY elected officials now enjoying Attica.

  6. Barbara Devaney

    We, the Villagers, won't forget how Chin let us down, promising to be on our side, and then voting along with Quinn FOR the horrific NYU 2031 Plan. She lied to us. She let us down! Now it's time for us to let her down! Get out out and vote on Sept. 10. GET RID OF CHIN and don't let Quinn get in!

  7. Chin says, "I have a strong track record … you will not be able to distort it because I have a record… "

    Take a look at Chin's record in Council DIstrict 1 over the past 4 years (dismal on its own):

    1) Chin flip-flopped on landmark protections for 135 Bowery, based on what Chin says was input from her chief of staff who overrode the professional panel at the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Chin's flip-flip was done for the benefit of the owner, First American International Bank. After Chin's flip-flop the Executive of FAIB donated thousands of dollars to Chin's campaign, and failed to fulfill his promise to develop 135 Bowery. Instead FAIB tore down the nearly 200 year old landmark building and then sold it. No "affordable office space" there. More recently at least 19 individual contributions to Chin's campaign have been made by employees of FAIB, totallng thousands of dollars, and the vast majority of those FAIB contributors show addresses from Flushing & Brooklyn, all outside of District 1.

    2) Chin disingenuously told her constituents in Greenwich Village that she'd push back against NYU and never allow public park space to be given over for the massive NYU expansion plan, publicly stating, "I have your back." Instead of fulfilling that promise Chin stabbed locals in the back and signed over dedicated parkland along Mercer Street to NYU for a mammoth new building. Chin put another knife in the backs of locals by allowing for a 10-year + construction project on park space and playgrounds used by local kids.

    3) Chin testified at City Council, during a hearing for the REBNY-backed SoHo BID proposal, that she would guarantee 50/50 representation for Broadway residents on the SoHo BID board. Then, when the real estate promoters of the BID said they didn't want to put it down on paper, Chin backed away from her promise to SoHo residents and failed to get that guarantee for fair residential representation in writing.

    4) Chin has failed in her proper oversight obligation at the Chinatown BID. At an BID early board meeting, when the new BID tried to claim improper retroactive taxes from Chinatown property owners, Chin's chief of staff, who was present at the board meeting, voted to allow the improper tax, and never even raised a question about it. The bogus BID tax was exposed by local property owners. Chin failed to adequately exercise her oversight or to protect the small businesses and property owners in Chinatown.

    5) Chin failed to achieve the promised level of "affordable" housing at SPURA, yet another example of her very weak negotiating skills. Later Chin claimed it was the best she could do, despite her many promises to the community.

    6) Chin's 2009 campaign promises had this one at the top of her list: To find solutions for the terrible bridge to tunnel traffic along Canal and Broome Streets. Four years later, what has Chin done on that? Nothing. Another failure, and another black mark on her dismal record.

    So, yes, Chin "has a record." Unfortunately for Chin's constituents, it is not a good record.

    Chin has been a terrible failure for Council District 1.

    Chin is a weak negotiator. Chin is not honest with her constituents.

    The answer is Go for Change in CD1:

    Cast a Vote for Jenifer Rajkumar on September 10th!!

  8. Chin never did name the book, even in Chinese, did she? Get YOUR facts straight.

    Even I, a Caucasian, could name Chinese books that I like.

    The woman is clueless and a liar. She lied that she got a 25% reduction when it was actually 18%, and Stringer deserves credit for most of that.

    Chin told her clueless chief-of-staff to say that 135 Bowery – designated by the experts at the Landmarks Commission to be a treasure – was no longer worthy, noting the interior was not original material. You fell for that nonsense?

    She is so clueless that she doesn’t even know that interiors are not landmarked. No wonder she lets a Red Chinese based-bank demolish an American cultural gem.

    Rajkumar, Graduated from Stanford Law, is Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from U of Penn, and won Woman Achievement Award in 2012, besides named “40 under 40” winner.

    What has Chin ever done, except sell our community to the billionaires?

  9. Watch first debate online

  10. Margaret Chin has lived and worked in the community for over 30 years. She has the best interest of the community at heart. Her mom still lives in the same apartment in which she raised her five children!!
    Given her many years of community organizing if there is someone not in the pockets of greedy developers is Margaret Chin. Her opponent does not nearly have the contacts or experience as Ms. Margaret Chin. Passing the bar in 2009, lawyering in 2009, and moving to the city in the past 3 years does not immediately qualify one to be a community leader for district one. Margaret Chin has my vote.

    • If we use the same logic then Dinosaurs should be in City Council.

    • if you're so impressed and you believe in Margaret have the decency to use your real name, it's an indication about who you are, and how you truly feel – perhaps insecure? embarrassed?

  11. Hey guest123….Did Margaret Chin pass the New York bar? Did Margaret Chin go to Stanford Law School? Did Margaret Chin practice civil rights law? Did Margaret Chin work in policy in Washington DC? What kind of experience does Margaret Chin have besides auctioneering– 4 years of auctioning off our community to the highest bidder? How is that having "the best interest of the community at heart"?

    Jenifer Rajkumar is one of us, an elected Democratic District leader for Lower Manhattan that voters in our community chose overwhelmingly. So what if Jenifer hasn't lived in the community (or even been alive) as long as Chin? This is an election to choose the best representative, not an election to choose who's older. Jenifer Rajkumar has my vote.

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