POLICE BLOTTER, week of Aug. 20, 2013

Seaport brawl
Two police reports were generated by a furious brawl outside the Pacific Grill restaurant in the South Street Seaport, police said.

The fight took place in front of 89 South St., at about 1:34-1:45 a.m., on Sat., Aug. 17, according to the N.Y.P.D. One of the victims, a 37-year-old man, said he was hanging out in the Seaport with friends when one of them got into an argument with a stranger. He said he tried to intervene, and the stranger began punching him. In the midst of fighting, police reported, the man noticed “out of nowhere” that he was bleeding. He said he never saw a weapon and was not aware at first that he had been cut.

He suffered two lacerations, one to his head and one to the back of his neck, according to police, and was treated on the scene by E.M.S. before being taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Police noted that there was no identification of the attacker and no video footage available.

A Bronx man was also involved in a brawl in front of 89 South St. around the same time that night, police reported. This man, 31, had walked away from the scene at about 2 a.m., but it was not until later that he realized he had been stabbed in the back with an unknown object, police said. The man contacted police to report it, but no further information was available. Police did not say whether the man required medical treatment.

Police did not release any information about suspects in either incident and did not indicate what if any connection there was between the two assaults.

Chicken thief
A carnivorous thief took a large chunk out of a delivery man’s merchandise, walking away with $500 worth of meat.

The delivery man reported to police that he had parked opposite 399 West Broadway in Soho on Sat., Aug. 17 at 11:45 a.m. He said he had left his truck unlocked while making the delivery and when he returned 15 minutes later, some of the goods were gone, including a $169 case of boneless chicken breasts, $76 House of Raeford Chicken Jumbo Party Wings, $160 boneless beef short ribs and $173 Nature’s Choice cuts.

Burglar went haywire
Police arrested a man for stealing almost $4,000 in electrical wiring from a building under construction near City Hall.

Police say the arresting officer spotted Shatee Baker, 37, taking spools of electrical wire from the unoccupied building at 113 Nassau St. early Thursday morning and tossing them over the wall, before climbing over the wall of the building himself to claim his spoils. However, police were waiting for him on the other side and apprehended him without incident.

The officer reported that between about 2:45 a.m. and 3:26 a.m., Baker had managed to remove 13 spools of electrical wire in various colors, worth about $100 each, and one large spool worth $2,500, along with cordage before he was caught mid-climb.

Harley heist
A motorcycle was stolen from Battery Park City in the middle of the work day, its owner reported to police last week.

The 28-year-old owner of the $20,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle said he had parked it at the northwest corner of Albany St. and South End Ave. at 6:30 a.m. on Fri., Aug. 16. He went to work nearby and when he came out at 3 p.m., the black, 2010 Harley Fat Boy Lo was nowhere in sight. Police said that the owner conducted his own canvass and then cooperated with police on a second, but to no avail. Police said there were no unpaid tickets on the bike, and it was parked legally.

Smash and grab

An overnight car break-in resulted in damage and the loss of several thousand dollars of property, according to the N.Y.P.D.

The man, 29, had parked his 2002 gray Audi two-door sedan on the corner of Greene and Canal Sts. between 7:30 p.m. on Thurs., August 15 and 8 a.m. on August 16. When he came back to his car, he found the back passenger’s side window was shattered. He told police that his company laptop was in the back seat of the vehicle. The $3,000 HP EliteBook laptop, $200 electronic signature pad and over $300 in computer accessories were stolen.

The company, Tecan, is based out of North Carolina and sells bio-medical equipment.

Gym locker larceny

Locker rooms are gathering places for thieves to lift more than weights, and sometimes even a sturdy lock is not enough to deter them, as one man found out when his New York Sports Club locker was broken into.

The victim, 22, told police he had stashed his bag in the men’s locker room at 30 Wall St.’s N.Y.S.C. and locked it up before going to work out at 11:40 a.m. on Tues., August 13. However, upon returning to the room, he said he saw that his lock was unlocked and the locker left open.

His Coach wallet was gone, along with $60 in cash and credit, debit, social security and gift cards, he said. His $350 iPhone 4S and a Kenneth Cole designer belt were also missing. He was notified that someone had tried to make a purchase with his debit card at a T.J.Maxx store for $326.61 and later the thief attempted to make a $65.30 purchase at J&R Music and Computer World. The credit card company denied both attempts.

Police said the victim was unable to show them the lock that had been broken. No video is available.

Wine bottle burglary
A man was spotted, and arrested, after stealing bottles of wine in the South Street Seaport.

Ptah Sumter, 27, was arrested on Tues., August 13 when police say a bystander saw him break in to the building at 11 Fulton St., which belongs to Seaport Management. He was then observed coming out of the building with two bottles of wine, where he then got on a bicycle and rode northwest on John St. Police conducted a canvass of the area and caught up with Sumter, who was identified by the witness.


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  1. @Chicken thief: Maybe the thief was on a diet trying to recover from Gynecomastia LOL.

  2. People are sometimes so funny…

  3. Yes, our gym just started putting more security into the locker rooms.

  4. That is one absolutely funny article. Maybe thief now will want to use diet pills

  5. Wow. stealing wine bottles?

  6. @Frederick, agreed. LOL. When I read about the burglar stealing wire, I was thinking, "Perhaps, he is about to make a chicken coup!"

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