Drones spying on Battery Park City? Not quite


A tiny model drone hovered over Battery Park City Wednesday night as part of Laurie Anderson’s performance. Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess.


Famed musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson had model drone planes buzzing over Battery Park City’s Rockefeller Park Wednesday night.

Let’s hear it for the whistle-blowers,” Anderson told a cheering crowd, according to the New York Times. “What’s going on in America? What’s happening here?”

Anderson, a Downtowner, was performing as part of Lower Manhattan’s annual River to River festival.

“My hope is to bring the spirit of improvisation into these two evenings and try to work very much in the present time,” Anderson said on the river fest’s web site.

 She only pulled out her model drones for the June 20 performance.




Laurie Anderson in Rockefeller Park June 20. Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess.


The model drones looked much less menacing after they landed. Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess.

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