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  1. Charles Komanoff
    May 30, 2013

    Of the hundred or more commentaries on bike share I've seen so far, this one makes the most sense and sounds the most right notes. Particularly how the program could be a godsend for younger people with cramped budgets and apartments, and how it "expands our transportation network now." Well done.

  2. D Wintering
    June 15, 2013

    WPIX TV reported an incident of bike vs. SUV at Mc Dougal and Houston Street. The biked ran the red light…
    just what we don't want to happen. Not seriously hurt, but enough to make all of us concerned. Why was
    this incident never reported again in the print or TV news media? Cover up? Today, sat outdoors in
    a café for breakfast on where many bikes were in their docks. Why do so many riders go the wrong way
    or ride on the sidewalks? Fear? Lack of bike riding knowledge. Saw two very young riders….surely under
    age. Why? No one supervises the docks or those about to take a spin or returning their loan. I see lots
    of problems already. Is there anyone inn DOT ready to take on these serious issues?

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