Police Blotter, week of May 21, 2013

Vendor vandal

A man was arrested for stealing a vendor’s property from the corner of Canal St. and West Broadway on Mon., May 13.

Shamale Gillian, 23, was arrested and charged with grand larceny after he was discovered to be carrying the vendor’s stolen property, police said. The vendor outside 385 Broadway spoke little English, police said, but was able to convey to police that his property had been stolen. The report did not mention the type of property stolen.

Police apprehended Gillian at about 5:30 p.m. on Monday. They say he resisted arrest and struggled with the arresting officer, preventing him from being put into the police car.

Police said that the vendor had been a victim of theft at the same location about six months earlier.


Point of no return

Police arrested a thief last week for shoplifting after they say  he tried to return the stolen merchandise to a different store.

The incident occurred Wed., May 15 when police arrested Jorge Sanchez, 27, after they say he attempted to return stolen Sephora merchandise for store credit. Police said that an employee of the Sephora store at 150 Broadway in Soho stated that she was alerted through email by another store manager that a man had returned items to the beauty supply store’s Union Square location for store credit. However, he had not paid for the items, police said.

Upon further investigation, police said that the man admitted to stealing the merchandise, three face creams and one eye cream, worth a total of $1,061. Sanchez was arrested and charged with grand larceny from the 150 Broadway location.


iPhone snatcher

A woman’s phone was snatched from her hand on the subway in the Rector St. (N,R) station at Trinity Pl.

The victim, 30, told police she was on a northbound subway ion Sat., May 18. She said she was sitting near the train doors. As the train pulled into the Rector St. station at about 10:50 a.m. and the doors opened, a young man, about 17-20 years old in a white hat and blue hoodie, reached into the train and snatched her black $599 16 gigabyte iPhone 4S from her hand and ran away down the platform. The woman disembarked at the Cortlandt St. station to report the theft. A police canvass of the area turned up no results.

Police said that the “Find My Phone” app showed that the phone was active at 453 Fulton St. in Brooklyn, which houses a tattoo parlor and pawn shop. A manager at the location stated that the thief was in the store for about  5-10 minutes that day, trying to sell the phone, but was apparently unsuccessful. Police canvassed the Fulton Mall, without results.


Watch yes, Bentley no

One man reported to police that a rather expensive watch had been stolen from his boss’s car in a Downtown parking garage.

According to police, the man, 27, had parked the black 2013 Bentley in an Icon parking garage at 99 John St. and Cliff St. on Wed., May 15 between 6 and 6:30 p.m. He had left the windows open and the key in the car. Also in the car was a $1,700 Movado watch with a black face, which the man said he left in the center console. Upon returning to the car, he found that the watch had been stolen from the car. Police said there was no video available on the scene.


Club pickpocket

Police reported a theft occurred at the Soho bar and nightclub Greenhouse from a patron whose phone was taken from his pocket while at the bar.

The victim, 24, said he could pinpoint the time when his phone was stolen on Sat., May 11 because he went outside to check his phone for the time at 2:10 a.m. before reentering the bar to find a friend. He went back into the 150 Varick St. bar and went down into the basement where he had been dancing. Only 10 minutes later, he told police that he discovered his phone was missing from his right pocket where he had put it after getting back into the bar.

The phone was a white $300 iPhone.

Water Taxi collides

A New York Water Taxi reportedly collided with the dock of a Battery Park pier after losing power Thursday afternoon, causing minor injuries to two passengers.

A father and daughter were hurt when the boat struck Pier A at about 12:30 p.m. on May 16, DNAinfo reported. The father, 47, was treated for a minor scratch on his elbow and his 23-year-old daughter complained of knee pain but had also recently undergone knee surgery, the story said, and both were treated at the scene.

A few people reportedly got off the boat immediately, but it went back out into the water for several minutes before returning to the dock to let the rest of the passengers disembark.

New York Water Taxi did not respond to a request for comment.


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