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DSC_6539SouthStSeaportPier17SaltyPawAAADowntown Express photo by Terese Loeb Kreuzer

Things are looking up for Amanda Byron Zink, whose pet boutique and grooming business at 38 Peck Slip was trashed by Superstorm Sandy. Still displaced from her original location, she now has a pop-up shop at the end of Pier 17 in the Seaport. The Howard Hughes Corporation has agreed to keep the pier open through Sept. 9 before demolishing the existing mall to make room for a new one.

Zink said that after months of trying to reach Howard Hughes management, three weeks ago she got an email from the firm’s new general manager for the mall, Phillip St. Pierre. “He knew I was looking for space,” she said, “so he offered temporary space on the pier.” She said her rent was “very fair” for the space formerly occupied by the Sequoia restaurant.

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  1. So let me understand this. HHC gave a restaurant space of about 8,000 sf to an offsite shop owner with a space of about 500 sf?
    At a reasonable rent?

    Who did the deal sheet on that one, the HHC Lobbyist?

    I was paying $12,000 a month at the Pier for 1,050 sf.

  2. DOWNTOWN EXPRESS, here is my question to you…. Do you investigate/verify your articles or what??? This Merchant is saying she went from an approximate space of about 500 sq.ft. to a space of 8,000 sq.ft. AT A REASONALBLE RENT FOR OCCUPYING A "DOG GROOMING/BOUTIQUE! An example of a Merchants' rental of $12,000 a month at the same pier for 1,050 sq. ft. is above my comment… By the way, I am very familiar with BOTH spaces in question. I need to desperately ask you a simple question? Do you wonder as I do, if this is suppose to be a JOKE??? Or what??? Also, in the photo, the merchant is in front of a display of that which appears to be a bar??? As a reader of your newspaper, I request that you clarify this article/news to your readership, I really believe it is disrespectful to us all to present such vague news…… to intelligent readers! Thank You.

  3. The Howard Hughs and the seaport Market place should extend their hands to PARIS cafe , Stella and some other restaurants on peck slip and Front street , For Paris Cafe , there is a bar all ready to move in and make some business over the summer ( used to be called McMenamen ) and for Stella , they can get the Wine bar … That can be great help for the community . Also the mall is getting emptier every day … today learned that Clair's and Victoria Secret is leaving by the end of April . what's left literary 18 stores and 2 Large restaurant and 6 fast food out of 250 tenants . Good luck .

  4. For more information about Salty Paw and its pop-up store, go to at this URL:

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